McGlockton Ready to Go in New York

Former Clemson defensive tackle Chester McGlockton has taken his conditioning very seriously, practicing with the New York Jets for the first time last week since the team signed him on July 15th.

While the Jets were away in Japan and away from the regular practices for a week, McGlockton used the opportunity to work out twice a day at the Jets facilities and it's helped him shed nearly 20 pounds since the start of training camp, when he reported in at about 375.

"It felt real good to get tired again and get in a little bit of hitting," McGlockton said. "So it felt good to go out with the guys and interact and have them see me doing a little more work."

The Jets are coddling McGlockton, 33, right now. With rookie Dewayne Robertson playing well, the Jets don't want to overdo it and rush McGlockton through training camp – probably the last thing you want to do with a heavy player in the summer heat.

That's got to be in the back of his mind," coach Herman Edwards said. "That's not fair to him to make him go out and do two-a-days and expect him to keep up with those guys. When you're a big man like that and it's hot out there, if I was him, I'd be concerned too. Are we treating him differently? Yes, we've got to treat him differently."

Denver cut McGlockton in a salary cap move early in the year and he even contemplated retiring after 11 seasons in the NFL, but signed with the Jets for $750,000 and no promises of a starting role.

The Jets have told McGlockton to be ready for the season opener in Washington Sept. 4 but they would like to see him in a preseason game, probably the preseason finale in Philadelphia. Top Stories