Q&A with Latest Clemson Offer Recipient, DE Mikel Anthony Jones

Florida DE Mikel Anthony Jones is one of the rare 2019 prospects to receive an offer from the Clemson staff.

The Clemson staff doesn't extend offers to many freshmen, so when they do, you know the prospect is a future star. That is exactly what Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables sees in Florida DE Mikel Anthony Jones, and the Tigers have had incredible success recruiting and developing defensive ends over the years--they have sent as many as 8 defensive ends to the NFL over the last 7 years! CUTigers caught up with the talented youngster to get his thoughts about the Clemson offer he recently received.



CUTigers:  What did you think about Coach Venables dropping by and laying down the Clemson offer?

Mikel:  “I was honestly caught off guard by the offer from Clemson University. Clemson is a college team I grew up always liking because it's my sister's and my grandmother's favorite college football team. I feel really blessed to receive an offer from Clemson.”


CUTigers:  Do you plan on getting to Clemson on a visit anytime in the near future?

Mikel:  “I really hope that I can go to one of the summer camps that's coming up. There is a big possibility that I will be going to the camps.”


CUTigers:  Has the staff relayed anything to you about your position on the field?

Mikel:   “I haven't really heard anything about a specific position that I would play, but I do know that the defensive coordinator offered me, and that means a lot.“


CUTigers:  What sticks out most about the Tigers and Intrigues you about the school?

Mikel:   “One thing about Clemson that intrigues me a lot is that it's not a school that I don't know about. Ever since my 7th grade year, I would look up different things about Clemson. I absolutely love the school and the football team.“


CUTigers:   What player do you model yourself after most?

Mikel  “A college football player that is now in the NFL who I model myself behind is Joey Bosa. I feel like I play like him when it comes to the speed and strength. I just need to become more dexterous like him.”

Stay tuned at CUTigers.com, as we continue to monitor this budding star's recruitment, and as always check the Radar Screen daily for recruiting news and updates!

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