Rhymer, Philpott to Host Tiger Pregame Show!

CUTigers.com publisher Roy Philpott and senior writer Scott Rhymer will host the Tiger Pregame Show brought to you by CUTigers.com every Saturday on game days in Clemson starting August 30th on 104.9 WCCP FM.

The Tiger Pregame Show, brought to you by CUTigers.com, will air 5 hours prior to kickoff up until 3 hours prior to kickoff. The show will be broadcast on the lawn at Littlejohn on a stage located directly beside the Tiger Tailgate Show that has traditionally aired on game days.

The Tiger Pre Game show will be the lead in program on 104.9 to the Tiger Tailgate Show, giving Clemson fans 5 total hours of pre game information and entertainment on game days.

"This show was developed by Alyson Darby (Program Director at WCCP) last year and was hosted by a non-Clemson guy. Aly approached us about taking over the show this year, giving it a more Clemson feel", Rhymer said.

"Roy and I jumped at the opportunity, and our goal is to make this show an integral part of the game day experience for Clemson fans. We are both Clemson fans, and we spend a good deal of our week keeping up to date with everything that is going on with the team and coaches. Hopefully, fans will find that this show is extremely informative form a Clemson point of view."

"This is really the next step in our coverage of Clemson athletics," says Philpott. "All along we've wanted to be on the web, in print, and on the airwaves, and the arrival of this pregame show completes the deal."

The cornerstones of the 2-hour program will involve player and coach interviews conducted in the days leading up to the game. In addition, game day analysis by Scott, Roy, and special guests from the opposing teams will give Clemson fans every ounce of information possible on the gameday match up.

There will be one segment an hour devoted to taking calls from fans as they drive in to the stadium or while they are tailgating. In addition, a microphone will also be set up at the stage for fans to come by and give their opinions and predictions on the game.

"This will not be a caller driven show like the regular daily programming on WCCP, but we are going to have certain opportunities for the fans to interact with the show. The majority of that will take place on the open microphone at the stage, and we'll sprinkle in a call or two from time to time as well", Rhymer explained.

Weekly promotional giveaways will also be included in the show for fans that stop by the stage area at Littlejohn.

CUTigers Magazines will be given away while supplies last at the stage, and fans will be able to register to win a yearly subscription to the CUTigers.com web site and magazine. In addition, WCCP will be on hand to give away items to fans that stop by as well, making it well worth the trip to walk by the stage and spend a few minutes watching the show.

"Much like the Tiger Tailgate Show that comes on after us, we want to give fans the opportunity to stop by, get some free stuff, and possibly get on the air with their predictions", Rhymer said.

Not going to the game? Not a problem, you can listen to the Pre Game show live via the net by going to CUTigers.com and following the link to WCCPFM.com, where they show will be broadcast live via the web.

The Tiger Pregame Show brought to you by CUTigers.com- Make it an essential part of your game day Clemson experience.

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