New Quarterback Reports Today caught up with <b>walk-on quarterback Rush Lowther</b>, and we've got an in-depth interview that will show how the dream of playing football for the Clemson Tigers still burns deep inside this youngster. Lowther will be under the tutelage of quarterbacks' coach Mike O'Cain and reports to practice today for the first time.

How have things gone for you the past month?
Lowther: This summer was a lot of fun. I went over to lift one day and talked with the coaches. I found out that I didn't get invited to camp. A lot of the freshman walk-ons don't get invited to camp their first year.

What did the coaches tell you when they told you that you would not be invited to the early practice sessions?
Lowther: Coach O'Cain just told me to go home and throw a lot. He knew my arm was getting sore last spring. He also told me to work on my footwork and to be ready to run the scout team with CJ when I returned.

What did you do while the team was having the early practice sessions?
Lowther: I went home and worked hard. I threw more than I've ever thrown in my life. I went to my old high school with about 10 footballs and threw until I couldn't throw anymore. I wanted to make sure that when I got here my arm would be in good condition. I want to improve so I can be at camp next year.

When do you return practice?
Lowther: I just got back to Clemson yesterday. I will start practicing with the team Wednesday. We'll start preparing for Georgia. I'm looking forward to it. I want to get out there and pickup where I left off in the spring. I want to show Coach O'Cain that I've been working hard. I want to grab his attention and show him that I really want to be out here. I want to show him that I'm not satisfied being where I am. I want a chance to play one day.

How have the other walk-ons motivated you?
Lowther: Gene Tate a wide receiver walk-on just got a scholarship. I wanted to play football so I could run down the hill and enjoy being part of the team. I'm seeing some of the other walk-ons get on scholarship and they are inspiring me to work harder so that one day I may be on scholarship, even if it's just my senior year.

Did you have an opportunity to meet CJ and any of the other incoming freshmen this summer?
Lowther: CJ is a great guy. The incoming freshman class has a bunch of nice guys. CJ and I hung out one night and watched each other's highlight films. He told me I could play up here one day. Hearing that from him helped me believe that some day I can make it at this level. Capote is a great guy. They have all taken me in. Being up here a year I felt like I was able to help them out. When I got back they were glad to see me.

Do you think CJ will end up redshirting this season?
Lowther: I'm not sure. I heard during the scrimmage yesterday he returned a kickoff 70 yards for a touchdown. He is a very gifted athlete. They may move him so they can get him on the field but they will probably end up redshirting him. I think he's alright with that. Charlie is set as the starting quarterback. He has everything going right now. He's focused and throwing the ball real well. I think he realizes if he stays at QB he will be redshirted.

What is the attitude of the team right now?
Lowther: I met with some of the guys last night. They are high-spirited. They are ready for Georgia.

How does the team feel about Crosby's return?
Lowther: I haven't heard a whole lot. I'm excited about him coming back. Any player that is willing to come out there and do the hard work. Roscoe is a great player. I think he is definitely going to contribute. He will inspire a lot of the younger wide receivers.

What are your thoughts on how Charlie is progressing?
Lowther: Last year at this time, Willie was on the field and a lot of people were thinking Charlie should be out there. Charlie right now is more comfortable. He knows he has the starting job. He knows what to do. He knows what to do to lead the team.

Any thoughts on how the offensive line is progressing?
Lowther: I did talk with Dustin last night. He had cuts and bruises all over his hands. It sounded like they have been going real hard in practice. A lot of guys are hoping to move up. It's good to know we have Dustin there if something does happen to Tommy. He's a big strong kid and we know he can get the job done.

Who will be your roommate this year?
Lowther: I will be rooming with Thomas Hunter who is a walk-on tight end. He is really determined to play. One of his main goals is to travel this year. He's really dedicated to weight lifting. He stays focused. I believe he can get some playing time. If not this year then next.

Have your feelings about playing for Clemson changed over the past month?
Lowther: I'm in a dream. A lot of people are coming up to school just to go to class and get their education. I've got an extra benefit. College football is what makes this campus come alive. Being on the team and being around all the guys, I couldn't ask for anything better. It's great to see the guys on campus and have them come up and give me a high 5. Words can't really describe the feeling of being part of Clemson football.

We would like to thank Rush for taking time to speak with We look forward to following his career at Clemson. Top Stories