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Getting to Know Clemson LB Judah Davis

The Davis household is the epitome of a Clemson Family--twin brothers Judah and J.D. followed their father's large footsteps to Clemson, where his legend is still strong.


As many of the Clemson faithful know, Jeff Davis was one of the most valuable players for the Tigers back in the early 80's and was later inducted into the Clemson Hall of Fame. The Davis twins mostly know him as “Dad.” Judah and J.D. Davis followed in their father’s footsteps and are now both linebackers for Dabo Swinney's Tigers.

Captain of Clemson's undefeated 1981 National Championship team, Jeff Davis led the Orange in tackles. He was also named MVP of the ACC and was the defensive MVP of the Orange Bowl victory over Nebraska. Holding the third-best Clemson mark in career tackles, he has also caused and recovered the most fumbles in school history. After he left Clemson, Davis was picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 5th round of the NFL draft and played in the league from 1982-1987. Even in Tampa, he was named captain of the team for four seasons and led the team in tackles.

“It was really cool when we were old enough to understand how much of an impact he had on Clemson Football,” Judah says. One of Clemson’s greatest traditions is rubbing The Rock and committing to giving 110% before spilling down The Hill and onto the field. There is nothing like approaching The Hill and seeing your dad’s name on the stadium or seeing him when you get done actually running down The Hill."

The leadership traits Jeff possessed throughout his playing days are still benefiting him today. He is passionate about winning--not only on the football field, but in life as well. He serves as the Director of Player Relations, where he uses his platform PAW (Passionate About Winning) and his stories from his journey in the NFL as a way to inspire athletes to truly become passionate about winning.

“We get him as a Dad, but when we need him to be Director of Player Relations to us he is, and he can still reach us without the fatherly aspect,” Judah says.

John Bolton Photography

John Bolton Photography

Here is a quick Q&A session I had with Judah in order to get to know the young linebacker a little better. I hope you enjoy it!

CUTigers:  Favorite Gatorade flavor?

Judah:  “Orange.”


CUTigers:  Favorite Emoji?

Judah:  “The one with the triangle eyes and the tongue out.”


CUTigers:  Least favorite food?

Judah:  “Broccoli.”

CUTigers:  Favorite holiday?

Judah:  “Christmas.”


CUTigers:  Favorite sport other than football?

Judah:  “Basketball.”


CUTigers:  Steph or LeBron?

Judah:  “LeBron, all day.”


CUTigers:  Who is your celebrity crush?

Judah:  "Hmmmm, Zendaya.”


CUTigers:  Favorite app on your phone?

Judah:  “Instagram.”


CUTigers:  Who is your role model?

Judah:  “Jeff Davis.”


CUTigers:  Where is your favorite place to play at on the road?

Judah:  “I haven’t been to Florida State yet, but I assume that will be my favorite.”


The Davis twins, along with the rest of the Tigers, go on the road to face Auburn in less than two weeks to begin the journey to the College Football Playoff with another shot to play for the National Championship in Tampa! You can expect to see a lot more of the brothers Davis at linebacker and on Special Teams this season. Top Stories