Will Justin Miller Play on Offense?

Preseason All-America CB Justin Miller knows that he won't see as many balls thrown his way in 2003. "I have to execute at all times and be ready to make the big play when I get the opportunity," said Miller. Does that mean he'll get an opportunity to play on offense this Saturday?

You've probably seen the stats and watched the film by now.

61 total tackles, 17 passes defended, 2 forced fumbles, 8 interceptions, and some of the nastiest hits ever recorded by a Clemson cornerback. It's hard to believe that Justin Miller was able to accomplish all of that while playing his first year of college football as a true freshman.

Simply put, Justin Miller had one of the most successful seasons in Clemson football history last year.

However in 2003, big plays and bone-crushing hits may be a little harder to come by as he probably won't see half as many passes thrown his way.

So how will one of Clemson's top defensive playmakers leave his mark during his sophomore campaign?

"I have to execute at all times and be ready to make the big play when I get the opportunity," said Miller. "I can't be lackadaisical about anything when I'm on the field. The main thing I have to do is just be ready, follow my assignments and the big plays will take care of themselves."

Miller, who is never at a loss for words, takes little away from last year's 3-point loss in Athens.

"Last year's team was last year's team. We've got different players now and so do they. Defensively, we are an entirely different unit. You can't really say we had success against them last year because we didn't win the game," Miller said.

While Clemson fans are expecting great things out of the super sophomore cornerback in 2003, the question on everyone's mind entering the Georgia game doesn't have a thing to do with defense.

Tiger fans want to know whether or not we'll see the preseason All-ACC pick line up as a wide receiver this Saturday.

"I don't know," Miller said laughing. "You'll have to ask the head man about that. I'm not sure what he's planning on doing just yet."

Nobody on the Clemson coaching staff will give a straight answer when it comes to a question like that, especially before a game as important as this one.

Nevertheless, the rumor still persists that Miller will likely see action on offense sooner, rather than later.

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