Greene Looks to Bounce Back

David Greene has had very few "bad" games at Georgia. But last season against Clemson, Greene did not play well. He completed 57% of his passes but had only 67 yards against the Tigers.

Last season's Clemson game was only one of three games in Greene's 25 starts that he has not passed for over 100 yards (Ole Miss 2001 and Florida State 2002).

Why was last season's Clemson game so difficult for Greene?

"It was the first game and was the first time that I had gotten into the 2-quarterback system," he said.

Although already the entrenched starter at quarterback, Greene shared time with DJ Shockley starting with the 2002 Clemson game.

"I knew that I was going to play so many series and then Shock(ley) was coming in. I wanted to play well but I think that I put too much pressure on myself," he said.

Greene said that it was difficult for him against Clemson because he felt like he was being too robotic with his play.

"Normally you just go out there and have a great time. But that first half against Clemson I tried to play perfect. I was trying not to mess up. I was not so much forcing things but playing like a machine," said last season's SEC Offensive Player of the Year.

Greene said that after the Clemson game he felt much more comfortable behind center. He said that in the South Carolina game his game returned to its regular form.

"You have to adjust to things, but I was trying not to mess up. I think that it was a combination of it being the first game and all of the hype that goes with the first game as well as it being so loud. There were lot of things going on. But I just did not play well," he said.

This season Greene is aware of Clemson's athleticism and speed. He said that last season's game with the Tigers was a painful one for him in more ways than one.

"Clemson always has good athletes," he said. "They always have a lot of speed. That was the game that I got hit more than any other game. I think that their linebackers are really good. That was one of the biggest poundings that I took last year," Greene added.

So what about Saturday's game with the Tigers?

"We are going to have play better than we did last year," said Greene, who has never has 2 sub par games in a row in his career.

"They gave us everything we wanted last year and that was with everybody playing; and this year we are going to be in their stadium," he said referring to Georgia's injuries and suspensions.

"We are going to have to play in midseason form if we are going to have a chance to win. It's going to be tough," he said. Top Stories