Blackwell Will See Cannon Friday

Sinclair Cannon, one of the top athletes in South Carolina, visited Clemson with his brother Saturday to watch the battle between the Tigers and the Bulldogs. What impact did Saturday have on the outstanding athlete? "I see a chance for early playing time," said Cannon.

WR Sinclair Cannon
6-3, 190, 4.5
Greer High School
Greer, South Carolina

Cannon traveled to Clemson on Saturday with his brother to see the Tigers play, and he wasn't very impressed with the effort.

"I just thought they missed a lot of assignments. The team wasn't ready to play. The only sane part was running down the hill. I stayed for the whole game. We walked around and talked to some people we knew."

Did the disappointing performance have any impact on how Cannon feels about the Tigers? "No, not really. I see a chance for early playing time."

The 6-3, 190 pound two way star from Greer currently has offers from Clemson, South Carolina, Maryland, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Duke and Pittsburgh. Cannon says there are no changes to his list of favorites that includes Clemson, Tennessee, Maryland, Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh.

The phone was very busy at the Cannon household, as tonight was the first night that coaches could call recruits again. The talented athlete heard from Coach Blackwell, as well as coaches from South Carolina and Tennessee. Coach Blackwell informed the Greer standout that he would be there to watch him perform on Friday night.

Cannon plans to visit Georgia and Tennessee later this fall for games. Don't expect an early commitment from the prize recruit as he plans to wait until his senior season is over to make a decision.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories