Q&A with Charlie Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst knows that this team needs to step it up this weekend against Furman. "I'm kind of angry of how I played and how the offense played as a whole," said Whitehurst. "I hope that we come and take out some agression this week."

What's the mood of this team right now?
Whitehurst: Honestly, I think we are a little anxious to play the next game. Coming off a loss, we just have to try to do good next Saturday and put the last game behind us.

Coach Bowden used the term "angry" in describing how he hopes the team responds this week, is that your mentality coming into to this game?
Whitehurst: I'm kind of angry of how I played and how the offense played as a whole. I hope that we come and take out some agression this week. I think everybody realizes that we all could have played better against Georgia.

What was up with the team's overall inability to get the ball downfield last week? Was that more of the play calling or just something that Georgia was taking away from you?
Whitehurst: Well, the one fumbled snap we lost was a called deep ball down the field, so who knows what would have happened had that play gotten off successfully. They were rolling coverages on us and we may have been able to get one behind them there. They were doing a great job of stopping the run with seven guys and and had four in coverage, so it was tough for us to get the ball deep.

Has your dad given you any advice on how to cope with team adversity?
Whitehurst: He mentioned that to me this weekend. You just try to stay positive. You don't want to put a lot on the negatives on the team right now even though there were alot coming out of that game. You just want to stay positive and help lead this team to some victories.

Overall, what was your impressions of the play calling Saturday afternoon?
Whitehurst: I was pleased with the way the game was called. Coach Bowden put us in a position to make the plays, we just didn't do it. We had the opportunities, we just didn't take advantage of them.

Do you worry that this loss could have long term effects on the team this year?
Whitehurst: I hope it doesn't. We maybe went through that a little last year, but I don't think that's going to happen this season.

How close were you guys Saturday to putting together a couple of big plays? Is this something where you guys are a long ways off from getting the job done offensively?
Whitehurst: No, definitely not. Looking back over the film, it's a situation where we were just a guy or two away from making something happen. It just was one guy on a couple plays that seemed to keep us from doing it. With this game under our belt, against a fast and physical defense, I think we'll be able to improve from week-to-week.

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