Burns Making Serious Headway with Hamlin

CUTigers.com caught up with Mike Hamlin to see how his senior season is going and to see if he is ready to go on record with a favorite. Does the talented athlete have a leader? Who leads the in-state battle for the Lamar prospect? We've got all the answers in this recruiting update.

S ike Hamlin
6-2, 184, 4.6
Lamar High School
Lamar, South Carolina

The offer list, which includes Clemson, South Carolina and Vanderbilt, has not changed for the two way star. Several other programs including Louisville, Duke and North Carolina State are also showing interest so expect the offer list to grow as his senior season progresses. Hamlin is not ready to go on record with a leader at this point.

The 6-2, 185 pound prospect watched Clemson battle Georgia earlier this season. "I went to the Clemson verse Georgia game. It was alright. It was very hot and the game was disappointing." Hamlin plans to see the Tennessee verse South Carolina game and the Clemson - South Carolina game later this season.

So did the poor performance have any impact on how he feels about the Tigers?

"Not really. I just look at it as they had a bad game." The Tigers will have other chances to impress the two way star as he plans to wait until signing day to make his commitment.

Does Hamlin have an in-state leader? "No, not right now. At one time it was South Carolina but now I'm learning a lot more about Clemson and they are even."

South Carolina and Clemson are both keeping giving the prize recruit lots of attention, and he has heard from both schools since they were able to start calling last week.

"Coach Burns called last week. He also came by my game last Friday night. It was a boring game. We won like 49 to nothing. The second team played the entire second half."

The talented athlete, who plays both receiver and free safety, has led his team to a 2-0 start on the season. The Lamar High School senior even threw a touchdown pass in the season opener.

Hamlin grew up as a Clemson fan, but the Tigers will have a battle on their hands to get the talented athlete to commit to his childhood favorite. We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004.

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