Q&A with Charlie Whitehurst

"I haven't seen anybody shut down Florida State like they did," Charlie Whitehurst said in reference to Georgia Tech. "Especially the domination of their wide receivers. Their defensive backs are extremely physical and take a lot of chances."

You hear athletes talk about being in "the zone" from time-to-time in that the game just seems to slow down for them and they play at an exceptional level. Would you say you were in the zone last week against Middle Tennessee?
Whitehurst: I think so, a little bit. I threw two corners out there to Hamilton and Currie where it just seemed to get there without me having to think about it. At that point, I just knew that something was going right for me. I'd say that in the 2nd and 3rd quarter last week I was definitely in the zone.

Does that have to do with the fact that you guys are running more of a slower paced no-huddle now? Does that help you get into a rhythm a little quicker?
Whitehurst: Yeah, it gives you a chance to look over the defense for a long time and realize how they are going to be set up. So that helps out. Having that time to stand at the line of scrimmage and see how the defense is lining up helps out a lot.

Georgia Tech has to be considered to be one of the surprise teams of the conference this year. What does their defense bring to the table that's going to cause you some problems on Saturday?
Whitehurst: Well, I haven't seen anybody shut down Florida State like they did. Especially the domination of their wide receivers. Their defensive backs are extremely physical and take a lot of chances. I really think it's going to be extremely tough to throw the ball on them Saturday.

The offensive line seems to be developing some over the course of the last few games. Can you talk a little bit about their improvement, and also the emergence of some younger guys in the two deep.
Whitehurst: They are coming a long real good. You know guys like Greg Walker and William Henry are going to be out there, but now we know that we've got some younger guys that can play on gameday. You know you never know how a young guy is going to respond until you put him in the game, but I think everyone of them has proven that they can go in there and get the job done.

Can you talk a little bit about Kyle Browning and his development?
Whitehurst: It's amazing at 170 pounds that he can go out there and be a physical running back, not just a good running back. Outside of short-yardage situations, he's our guy right now.

Coach Bowden mentioned that the wide receivers had 24 knock down blocks last week and they just really seem to not only be playing well with the ball, but without it as well. How does it feel to have a unit like that working for you?
Whitehurst: Yeah, I never thought I would see Derrick Hamilton and Kevin Youngblood being physical type guys, but they've really stepped up their game, you just can't say enough good things about them. I think Coach Swinney has really instilled that in those guys that they have to be complete plays. You look at a guy like Hines Ward, he's made a career out of really blocking well. Those guys are really helping themselves out, and not only does that help us win, but it will help them get to the next level as well.

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