Q&A with Kyle Browning

We sat down with Kyle Browning to get his thoughts on a number of topics, including the notion that he was brought to Clemson as part of a "packaged deal" with former Union standout Roscoe Crosby.

Some people were suggesting that you were brought here as a part of packaged deal with Roscoe Crosby. Does that give you a little bit of a chip on your shoulder?
Browning: It kind of gave me a little bit of a chip on my shoulder at first, but then I had realize that Clemson wanted me for being me. They thought I could come here and contribute, and that's what I'm doing now.

Talk to us a little bit about the differences in the running style between you, Duane Coleman, and Reggie Merriweather.
Browning: I think I bring the quickness and vision. Duane is more similar to me, but a little bit bigger I'd say. Reggie is kind of like the two of us, except he has more power, but he can take it to the house too.

Three weeks into the season and you're named the starting running back. Did that take you by surprise at all?
Browning: No, it's just hard work paying off. It was just my turn, and my opportunity to get out there and make things happen, and I think I did that.

A lot of people are still talking about the offensive line and their development his year. What's your take on the line right now and their improvement?
Browning: I really think they are doing an excellent job blocking. I think against Georgia and Furman they did a good job, but against Middle Tennessee they really did a good job of holding those blocks a little longer. I think the coaches were really talking about that a lot last week- holding their blocks longer. Hopefully, they are going to continue to go out there and get the job done.

Does this team take any extra confidence into this game knowing that they've beaten Georgia Tech each of the last two seasons?
Browning: Nobody is going to be relying on the past in this game. We can't think about anything that's happened before. We just have to go out there and make things happen and win the game Saturday.

Did you watch any of the Georgia Tech-Florida State game Saturday night, and if so, what were your impressions?
Browning: It looked like they really had a great defense. They seem to have a lot of speed on defense, but we have been practing real hard for them. It opened up a lot of peoples eyes when they jumped out to a big lead against FSU. We just have to be ready for them. We know they have a good team.

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