Lambert Reveals His Plan

One of the top offensive linemen in the nation will be staying in the Palmetto state to play his college football. But the question everyone wants answered is whether Cory Lambert will be running down the hill in Death Valley or running through the smoke in Columbia.

OL Cory Lambert
6-7, 306, 5.08
Greenville High School
Greenville, South Carolina

The Greenville High star lineman has offers from many of the top programs in the Southeast, but he will likely be staying close to home. "I don't have a leader. It's still between Clemson and South Carolina."

Lambert watched the Tigers battle the Bulldogs earlier this season. The talented prospect also saw the Gamecocks beat Virginia in Columbia. The Greenville superstar plans to make several visits to see the Tigers and the Gamecocks again this season.

The Tigers' coaching staff is doing their best to convince Lambert that he is needed to fill one of the tackle positions at Clemson next year.

"I have received calls from Coach Bowden, Coach West and Coach Blackwell over the past few weeks. They were just checking in with me. The wanted to know how I'm doing in school and how my senior season is going. They also wanted to know when my mom and I will be coming back to see another game."

What will the 6-7, 306 pound lineman consider when making his decision? "I will want to see if I can star next season. Clemson runs the same offense that we do so I wouldn't have to change much. I would just need to learn the plays. If I go to South Carolina I will get to learn something new. They like to run the ball. My mom wants me to go where the coach will take care of me and make sure I make my grades."

Lambert expects to wait until his senior season is over to make his decision. What could make him make a commitment before the end of the season?

"If my mother decides where she thinks I should go then I would probably go ahead and go with what she wants."

The team's performance on the field will be considered by the superstar lineman, but it will not be a critical factor. "It's pretty important I guess. It's not that big of a factor. Everybody has a bad year sometimes. I'm hoping my 4 will be good."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories