Roman Fry Update

Roman Fry had a 7 hour drive in the van complete with leg cramps and little sleep this past weekend, but it was was well worth it as he made the trip down from Ironton, Ohio to Clemson, South Carolina. The big question is, what did Roman think about his visit?

We had a chance to have a conversation with Ed Fry, father of Clemson prospect Roman Fry. The entire Fry family attended the Clemson-Virginia game past weekend. Here are some of the highlights of our discussion.

"We made it to the game Saturday and I can say that we've never seen anything like it! I thought we were football obsessed up here until I witnessed firsthand Clemson on gameday!"

"Roman had a good talk with Coach West and Coach Turner before and after the game. Everything was terrific except for the final score," said Ed Fry.

"While Roman doesn't plan on making a commitment before official visits (so he can get to know the players a little), Clemson is a solid #1 for him right now. "

Ed Fry also said that the speed of players and the game were much quicker than what they were used to seeing in Big Ten country (Ironton, OH), and of course they all loved the most exciting 25 seconds in college football, "The pregame was great and we loved the atmosphere at the game, particularly the run down the hill!"

Roman Fry continues to have a stellar season (7 sacks) for his team as the Ironton Fighting Tigers have gotten off to a 5-0 start and Fry has registered 7 sacks.

Fry, weighing in at close 250 lbs and standing 6'4, will make his offical visit January 13. West Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio State figure to be several key players in the recruiting process, but right now he likes the Tigers! Top Stories