JackSmack: Issue #17

Alright Tiger fans, that was a tough loss against the Cavs, but we can turn the ACC upside down again this week with a win in Atlanta. Woody was just up and down in that game. We've got a shot if our DB's can limit Godsey and the passing game. I knew FSU wasn't FSU, but getting beat that bad by UNC is embarrassing. Gosh, I hope we can beat the Jackets.

Nationally, here are the big games this weekend besides GT and Clemson:

(22) Mississippi St. @ (2) Florida (a revenge game and a Bulldog team without Dicenzo Miller doesn't make this much of a contest)

(9) Kansas St. @ (3) Oklahoma (two overrated teams; at least one falls)

(10) UCLA @ (19) Oregon St. (the Beavers have won the last two in this series; it's not gonna make it to 3)

(14)LSU @ (8) Tennessee (the Vols are overrated; I like LSU in this one)

Alabama @ (16) South Carolina (another test for the Cocks who have never beaten the Tide)

(23) Illinois @ (17) Michigan (two average teams; same as the next game)

(24) Michigan St. @ (18) Northwestern

(20) BYU @ UNLV (a possible upset game)

Well, my picks last week weren't much: a win, a push, and a bad loss. I got 3 games for you this week:

I love, and I mean absolutely love Texas A&M (-3) at home versus Notre Dame who is absolutely terrible. I also like LSU (+10) in Knoxville against a not very good Vol squad. Thirdly, I love Florida to rout Mississippi State in Gainesville and covering (-18) easy.

On to the NFL:

As you have probably heard, there are 18 teams in the last 2 years to start the season (0-2). None of them made the playoffs. Now the Bills, Pats, Cowboys, and Lions don't surprise anyone, but check out these 0-2 teams: the Titans, Vikes, Chiefs, and Redskins. Speaking of the Skins, what an embarrassing display on Monday Night. Do you really think Shaun King or Kent Graham are gonna help more than Jeff George. I can't wait to see who picks him up. I hope Matt Millen's having fun, because the Lions are probably the worst team in football. Here's my bottom 5 teams:

New England
With Manning and Favre having such big weeks, here's my top 5 QB's in the NFL right now:

Peyton Manning
Brett Favre
Brian Griese
Kurt Warner
Donovan McNabb

Was Bledsoe doing a Troy Aikman impersonation last week? Get out of bounds, my God. By the way, San Diego could be 5-0 when they get Denver at home in Week 6.

Their next 3 games are against Cincinnatti, Cleveland, and New England.

Here are the marquee games in the NFL this week:

Miami @ St. Louis (-7) (I think the Fins will keep this one close.)

New Orleans @ NY Giants (-3) (Both teams are solid on both sides of the ball; should be a hell of a game.)

Tampa Bay (-2 ½) @ Minnesota (Are the Vikes gonna play this year? The Bucs aren't very good, but should get a win this week.)

Cincinnatti @ San Diego (-6 ½) (One of these teams is going to be 3-0)

San Francisco @ NY Jets (-3 ½) (The Jets are solid. I'm curious to see if the Niners can hang with a good squad.)

Here's my top ten teams in the league: (last week's ranking in parentheses)

Denver (1)
Indianapolis (2)
Green Bay (7)
St. Louis (3)
Miami (6)
Philadelphia (5)
New Orleans (4)
Jacksonville (9)
NY Giants (8)
Oakland (NR)

Some final notes:

I love Barry and I think he's going to end up with 73-74. I can't believe people aren't rooting for him to break Mr. Steroid's record. I also love Sosa and that is impressive to be the 1st player to have 3 games in one year with 3 HR's. The NL East is getting more interesting than the NL West. The Phillies got back into it, and the Mets are trying to sneak in the back door.

Well, I have to talk about Jordan. I like Mike and I hope the Wiz do good. He'll be right there with Iverson and Kobe in a couple of months. An interesting question from ESPN last night: What should be the lead story on October 30? Game 3 of the World Series or Jordan's first game back in Madison Square against the Knicks. I can't choose.

So, go Clemson, go Barry, and remember to keep in mind those who are trying to fight this war.

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