Clemson - Maryland Photo Gallery

Pictures taken from Saturday's game against the Maryland Terrapins in College Park. Included in this set are some nice pictures of Charlie Whitehurst, Donnell Washington, and Tommy Bowden.

Charlie Whitehurst sits in the pocket.

Charlie Whitehurst looks to the sidelines for the play.

Tommy Bowden gives the ref an earful after the controversial offensive pass interference call on Kevin Youngblood.

Whitehurst drops back to pass in the 2nd quarter.

Derrick Hamilton races down the sideline for the Tigers' only touchdown of the day.

Tye Hill and Justin Miller bring down Maryland RB Bruce Perry.

Miller and Jamaal Fudge gets ready for the tackle on Perry.

Whitehurst changes the play in front of the Maryland student section and an ocean of red thundersticks.

Whitehurst delivers the pass.

DT Donnell Washington and the rest of the defense look to the sidelines.

Trey Tate applies pressure to Maryland QB Scott McBrien.

Vontrell Jamison and Eric Coleman clog the line of scrimmage.

Duane Coleman, Charlie Whitehurst, and Bobby Williamson look to the sidelines for the play.

J.J. Howard forces Scott McBrien to fumble on a monster hit in the 3rd quarter. (AP Photo)

Josh Allen (33) dives for yardage against Clemson cornerback Justin Miller and Jamaal Fudge during the the first half. (AP Photo) Top Stories