Clemson Still on Top For Gabbard

Ben Gabbard had hoped to watch the Tigers battle the Terps but his homecoming game kept him away. Are the Tigers still leading for one of Maryland's best offensive linemen? We've got the latest on his thoughts about the Maryland game

OL Ben Gabbard
6-5, 305, 5.2
Broadneck Senior High School
Broadneck, Maryland

The 6-5, 305 pound prospect had his final homecoming game on Saturday so he was unable to attend the Clemson verse Maryland game. "We won our homecoming game 20-0. We played well. We are now 5-0 on the season."

Did Gabbard get a chance to watch any of the game on television? "I was able to watch the first half. Then I had to go do homecoming stuff. It seemed like Clemson just couldn't get stuff done when they really needed to."

The Tigers have already offered the talented lineman and Maryland has been showing some interest in Gabbard over the past few months. "They've asked me to send them some tapes. I've also been talking to a lot of Ivy schools like Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Brown."

Do the Tigers still lead for Gabbard? "As far as Clemson being on top, I don't think anything has changed."

Coach Lovett continues to call the prize recruit regularly to check on his season and to discuss how things are going for the Tigers.

"Coach Lovett called last Thursday or Friday. He just wanted to check in and see how my season was going. He said Clemson is trying to get into a rhythm. They were getting better every game. They were hoping that would continue against Maryland. I guess things just didn't work."

The Annapolis star is hoping that coach Lovett will be up to see him play later this year. "I sent an e-mail to coach Lovett. He said they would probably be up some time later in the season."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding lineman from Maryland, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories