Q&A with Charlie Whitehurst

The question on everyone's mind this week concerns the health of QB Charlie Whitehurst. Will he or won't he play this Saturday against the Virginia Cavaliers? "They are working on it. I'm getting treatments 3 times a day," said Whitehurst.

Charlie, Virginia is a team that you guys seem to dominate early in the game, but then you have trouble getting the ball into the endzone later on. What is that they do that seems to stifle you guys on offense?
Whitehurst: Well, the big thing is that they don't take a lot of chances. They like to stay back, their safeties stay back and they don't give up the big play. They make you drive it down the field on them. You know going in that's likely going to take a 10+ play drive to score on those guys. We just have to go out and execute and we'll be alight.

Was the crowd a big factor last week in College Park? Especially in the first half?
Whitehurst: They were loud, but we didn't do something else because they were so loud. It makes a little harder to communicate with your linemen and your running backs, but it's just something you deal with. Playing on the road isn't like playing at home that's for sure.

How nice will it be to play at home this week after two weeks on the road in the ACC?
Whitehurst: Yeah, it will be nice. I'm tired of yelling to the tops of my lungs to get the snap count.

How much would this offense change this week with Chansi Stuckey in there on Saturday?
Whitehurst: I think it will be more of the same. We'd probably roll the pocket more to let him use his running skills, but I think that it would probably be more of the same to be honest. He's one of the most athletic quarterbacks in the ACC. People will be surprised. He has unbelievable feet. He reminds me a lot of Woody Dantzler.

When did you realize last week that you were hurt, and by you continuing to play, do you think that aggravated the injury a little bit?
Whitehurst: I don't think so. I had an ankle brace on when I did injured it on that particular play. I think they called time out trying to get Chansi some snaps after it was injured, but once they taped it up I knew I could play and that it wouldn't be a problem.

Bottom line, do you think you are going to play this week?
Whitehurst: I think I'll play. Of course if you ask the trainer, he may tell you something different. But, they are working on it, and I'm getting treatments 3 times a day on it so hopefully I'll be ready to go.

Talk a bit about Yusef Kelly and what it would mean to have him back this week.
Whitehurst: I think he's worked his way back, and I can see him getting more playing time this year. He's obviously a great running back. He's extremely powerful, and fast. He's probably the most physical of all of our runners. You know, he was the starter, and then he lost it, but now he's working hard and he's almost back.

Is it fair to say that the play of the offensive line dictates whether or not you guys will win the game at this point?
Whitehurst: I think you could say with both the offensive line and defensive line. That's the game of football. With us, the offensive line has played well enough for us to win. That's the bottom line. If you look back to last week, I was leaving the pocket early on a number of occasions, so that was a factor there. Those guys are out there battling and giving us a chance to win.

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