Q&A with Kevin Youngblood

We checked in with Kevin Youngblood to get the real scoop on the offensive pass interference call last week and a variety of other topics in this exclusive Q&A with CUTigers.com

Kevin, can this team afford another loss this season?
Youngblood: I don't think so. We are just trying to go out and have a good game Saturday and try and rebound and win this weekend against Virginia and try and build some momentum before we head up to Raleigh next week.

I know you've been talking about that controversial pass interference call from last weekend. Walk me through the play if you don't mind.
Youngblood: It was a go route to me. I just came flying off the line and when I found the ball, I adjusted my route and moved to the right. When I did that, that's when he stumbled and started to fall. I didn't touch him at all. I caught the ball and scored as everybody could see, but they called pass interference. There's nothing I can do about it now.

What's the mood of this team after that loss?
Youngblood: I think we were down for a while, but we are a team. We aren't going to hang our heads and we are just going to out Saturday and try to play our best game and beat Virginia.

So the team was a bit down right after the game last weekend, and then things have been picking up as the new week rolls along?
Youngblood: I think so. As a team, we aren't going to sit around and worry about what happened or anything like that. Nobody is hanging their head. We all realize that Virginia is a good team, and we'll have to play well on Saturday if we plan on beating those guys.

Is a little bit of extra motivation for you that this team has beaten in each of the last two years?
Youngblood: Yeah, definitely. One, they beat us the last two times we've played them. And two, we pretty much beat ourselves in those games. And then three, this is a home game, and a conference game so we've got a lot going into this one that we can look forward to.

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