Q&A with Jeff Scott

CUTigers.com caught up with former Tiger Jeff Scott after he roamed the sidelines during Ridge View's 14-6 win over Lancaster. Scott is following in his father's footsteps and appears to be enjoying his first season as a coach.

Jeff should be seeing his father a great deal over the coming months since Brad Scott is recruiting superstar defensive tackle Dorrel Scott from Ridge View. We've got all the details in this in-depth Q&A with the former Clemson Tiger.

How do you like coaching?
Jeff Scott: I like it. It's going pretty good right now. We're 5-3 right now. I think Ridge View won 1 game 2 years ago and 4 last year so we're moving up. It's exciting. I have always grown up on the sidelines and then I played. This is my first time being a coach. It is different and I really enjoy it.

What does your dad think about you getting into coaching?
Jeff Scott: Well my mom was the one that told me to stay away from it. She knows the experience. I think my dad has known as I grew up the interest that I had in football. He knew that there wasn't anything he could do to keep me away from it. This is what I want to be doing.

How closely have you been following the Tigers this season?
Jeff Scott: I've been able to go up there a couple of times. I've been really busy with teaching and first year coaching. I really don't get to talk to them a whole lot during the week. I catch them on TV or if it's a home game I usually get my way up there.

Did you watch the Thursday night game on television?
Jeff Scott: Yeah I did. They had their chances.

Can you see a lot of differences between the team this year and last year?
Jeff Scott: I definitely can. The team we had last year and the year before they didn't have the same fight. If this year team gets behind like in the Virginia game and even against State. A lot of the other teams would not have had the extra get up and go to go and challenge them back. I think a lot of times the past few seasons that took the wind out of our sails and that was it. This year I think they have a little fight and determination. I think it also helps that this is Charlie's first full year as quarterback and he is able to be a leader. Where last year it was hard to have a leader. You know who do I listen to. I think that helps a lot. It kind of gives them a little bit of an advantage.

How is your dad feeling about this season?
Jeff Scott: You know I haven't talked to him after the game Thursday. Week to week you know how it goes. Last week after Virginia they were sky high. I hadn't really talked to him this week. I think the players believe in what they are doing. It's just execution. Against State they had several plays they just didn't make. If you go back and look at the film. If they catch the ball it's a whole different game.

What are you teaching this year?
Jeff Scott: I'm teaching Algebra 1 with the 9th grade. It's more challenging than the coaching. I'm a coach all day long with the teaching.

How about Dorrel? Are you leaving him alone with his decision or are you pushing him to be a Tiger?
Jeff Scott: I leave him alone. He's going to make the decision that's best for him. The decision that was best for me was to go to Clemson. I can share some good times that I had there. I don't think it's right for me to push him one way or the other. I've just kind of been there and said listen Dorrel I'm not going to push you I'm going to support you. Just let me know if you want to know anything. I'm a great resource for Clemson. Hopefully I can do a good job of selling Clemson. If that's where he wants to go then great.

Any feel for where Dorrel will end up next season?
Jeff Scott: No, I think he's straight down the middle. Most of the guys as you look over the years; they go back and forth all year long. It really comes down to January and February when they make their official visits. It's kind of where they feel comfortable you know around the staff. My dad was really the first one to talk to Dorrel. During his junior year. I think South Carolina go on him a little bit late. That always kind of helps. You get to those last stages. You say listen I was here from day 1. I was the first school here to offer you.

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