Lovett Lands Another Top Prospect

Brooklyn's Elsmore Gabriel became the Tigers ninth commitment on the season when he committed to Coach Lovett on September 17th. Gabriel had a very impressive junior season, but he has been missed most of his senior season with a broken foot. We've got all the details on the Tigers latest commitment in this in-depth Q&A.

DT/LB Elsmore Gabriel
6-5, 254, 4.75
Christ the King High School
Brooklyn, New York

When did you actually commit to the Clemson Tigers and Coach Lovett?
Gabriel: It was the Wednesday afternoon before my first game. It was September 17th. I thought about the situation and called Coach Lovett on the phone. I spoke with Coach Lovett, and then I spoke with Coach Bowden later.

How did you reach your decision to commit to the Clemson Tigers?
Gabriel: My parents and I researched the school. We thought that Clemson would be a good choice for me. I live in New York and I wanted to get out of the area.

What did Coach Bowden tell you after you committed to the Tigers?
Gabriel: He just told me that he was really excited about me coming to Clemson.

When did Coach Lovett first start recruiting you?
Gabriel: He started recruiting me at the end of the year last season. He came down in May and visited me at school. He met with me during my 3rd period class. I came down and met with him in my coach's office.

When did Coach Lovett call you this fall?
Gabriel: He called me in early September. He was the first coach to call. My mom looked at that in a very positive way. He showed how interested they were in me.

Do you have an official offer from Clemson or just a verbal?
Gabriel: I received an offer letter in the mail this summer. Coach Lovett talked to my coach about it. He confirmed during the summer time that they would like to make me an offer.

How is the rehab coming with your injured foot?
Gabriel: I played the first game of the season. I got hurt in the 4th quarter. I broker a bone in my foot. This week is my rehab week because I get my cast off. I hope to be back for my Homecoming game on October 25th.

Did you attend camp at Clemson this summer?
Gabriel: No, they tried to get me down to camp during the summer. I couldn't get down since it was so far away.

Who else has offered you at this point?
Gabriel: Nobody else has offered, but I am getting interest from Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Boston College among others.

If another school were to offer would that change your commitment to the Tigers?
Gabriel: No, I am really looking forward to Clemson. I spent a lot of time researching the school with my parents. The Big East is suffering some losses with expansion. The ACC is a better conference for me. Even though Maryland won the Peach Bowl last year I thought Clemson had a better football tradition. My father really liked Coach Bowden. My father is a Seminole fan and he really likes Tommy's father.

What position are the Tigers recruiting you to play?
Gabriel: Defensive End or Linebacker

What is your best 40 time?
Gabriel: My best 40 time is a 4.75.

What is your current height and weight?
Gabriel: I am currently 6-4 ½ and 256 pounds.

Do you have an official visit scheduled with Clemson?
Gabriel: Yes, I have my official visit set for the weekend of January 9.

Have you ever been to the state of South Carolina?
Gabriel: I went to South Carolina once with my basketball team.

How firm is your commitment to the Tigers?
Gabriel: It's firm. I'm not changing my mind.

What do you plan to major in at Clemson?
Gabriel: I would like to major in Business Technology. It will probably be something with computers and economics.

Have you gone out and bought any Clemson gear since your commitment?
Gabriel: It's hard to find anything up here in New York. I will try to get some when I take my official visit.

What are you looking forward to most about coming to Clemson next year?
Gabriel: I'm looking forward to the atmosphere and the coaching staff. I want to see new things and experience college football. I can't wait to see what they have to offer.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defender from New York, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories