Q&A with Jamaal Fudge

CUTigers.com sat down with Jamaal Fudge Tuesday afternoon to get his thoughts on the North Carolina Tar Heels and talk about his development as a rover in John Lovett's defense. "At rover, you are just right there in the middle of everything," said Fudge.

You've got two losses in the conference right now, does this team still have a lot to play for?
Fudge: Oh yeah, we've got two losses, but a whole bunch of other teams do too, so there's still a lot to play for this season.

How much of a challenge is for you to get up for this game this week playing against a team with a 1-6 record?
Fudge: I don't think it's going to be much of a challenge for us to get up because North Carolina puts up a lot of points, and we have to stop that. Just because they are 1-6 doesn't mean they aren't capable of beating us. They've had an overtime game against Syracuse and could have easily beaten Arizona State.

You guys have really started developing the reputation as a hard hitting bunch this year. Talk about that a little bit.
Fudge: Yeah, I think Michael Dean Perry coming back and giving us that talk has really fired us up. He gave us a little swagger back I think.

He's talked to you guys a good bit this year, do you get a lot out of that?
Fudge: Yeah, we do. With alumni coming back and talking about the history and fueling the players and talking about the background of the team, it just gets you going.

Can you talk a little bit about your transition from corner to rover?
Fudge: Well, I'm involved in every play more and you also get a lot more contact then at corner.

Is that something you feel like you are more comfortable with than being on an island out there at cornerback?
Fudge: Yeah, I feel a lot more comfortable because you don't have as much to worry about. At corner, you really have to focus because if you lose site of what's going on somebody can beat you deep. At rover, you are just right there in the middle of everything.

The secondary really appears to be playing well as a unit this year. Can you talk about your development, as well as Travis Pugh and Tye Hill and some of the other guys just really getting their feet wet?
Fudge: Yeah, I think we are coming together, bonding real well, and trusting everybody on all parts of the field. People come in know what they have to do, and do their job, so that's good for us.

What about Darian Durant and some of the problems he presents this defense this week?
Fudge: Well, he's a big mobile quarterback that can do a lot of bootlegs and play action passing. We know their offense has put up about 30 points a game. We've seen what they can do, so we can't let that record fool us on the field.

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