Q&A with Charlie Whitehurst

We sat down with Charlie Whitehurst Tuesday morning to talk with him about a number of topics, including a complete walk through of the 2-point conversion attempt in the back of the endzone last week at N.C. State. A must read for Clemson fans!

Walk me through the 2-point conversion attempt in the fourth quarter in Raleigh last week. What happened?
Whitehurst: We had a trips formation to the right and a shallow crossing pattern coming across about two yards deeper than the goal line and he kind of pull the underneath coverage with him and Tony was coming across the back of endzone on an in (pattern) and he came open and I just threw it at his feet. That's about it. I went down and tried to make a great catch, but it was just too bad of a throw.

Was it a tough weekend for you after that play?
Whitehurst: It was a tough weekend because you hadn't watched the film yet and didn't know how close some of the plays were. (the players didn't review the film until Sunday). Once you get back on the field though, it was a little easier.

You guys came so close to beating N.C. State last week, is just seems like this team is only a play or two away from really winning a lot of football games. Would you say that's an accurate statement?
Whitehurst: Well, right now I think we are extremely close to being a 6-1 football team. I really do. The loss against Georgia wasn't a game we should have won, but the two conferences losses we had the opportunity to win those games. I think we are real close, but if we can put it all together, I think we can win the rest of them.

You look at the rest of the schedule and there appears to be a couple of winnable games, and also a couple of tough games, yet at the same time you talk about the possibility of winning out. Is that something you guys are talking about in the locker room this week?
Whitehurst: Yeah. That's our goal right now. It's always tough to win every game and we've got some tough games still left on the schedule. Florida State is going to be an extremely tough team to beat. But, I think anything is possible, and if we keep working hard, it can happen for us.

There were some reports out yesterday that the loss was kind of lingering around with Tony Elliott, Tye Hill, and some other guys. What's the mood on this team right now? Have they gotten over this loss yet?
Whitehurst: It's a work in progress. It's always tough to get over such a tough one. I think it's something we've got to put behind us. To be honest, I'm glad that this loss is sticking with some guys and that it's in the back of their mind. But, at the same time, it's something you want to put behind you before you go on the field next week too.

Have you gotten over the loss though? There was some talk that you may be beating yourself up a little bit too.
Whitehurst: Probably not. That's something you are going to think about probably until you play another game. I'm smart enough to know that you have to kind of put that play behind you.

Do you look at this game and think that you may have the opportunity to score a lot of points and put up some big numbers when you look at how their defense stacks up with the rest of the conference?
Whitehurst: Well not really. To us this is just another game you know. We know they've scored a lot of points so we may have to try and outscore them or something like that. It may be an opportunity for us to put up a lot of points for us, but their offense can score too and we know that.

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