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<img src=> Audio clips from Tuesday's press conference with the media in Clemson. Included in this report are sound bytes of Mo Fountain, Charlie Whitehurst, and Greg Walker.

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OL Greg Walker (3:05)
"We aren't taking them lightly at all. We know the talent on that team. A lot of our guys have played on all-star teams with those guys. We just have to make sure we play a lot better than what we did at N.C. State," starting right tackle Greg Walker said about the Tar Heels.

QB Charlie Whitehurst (4:36)
"We try to run the ball when they give us numbers to run. They did that and we started ripping them pretty good in the second half," Charlie Whitehurst said about the sudden burst in the running game last Thursday night in Raleigh.

DE Mo Fountain (2:00)
"We look at the standings and we know that every game the rest of the way out is big for us," said Mo Fountain, who was unexpectedly dressed with a light blue shirt on."

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