Cory Lambert on Film

<img src=> We told you earlier in the week that Cory Lambert had set an official visit to Clemson for January 9th, now Cory gives us his updated list of top 5 schools and we also have brand new film of the dominating offensive tackle in this exclusive report.

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"Everything's good right now," says the 6-foot-7, 306 pounder who has several favorites. "USC and Clemson of course because they are close to home. Florida State, Alabama, and Tennessee are up there too. I am pretty much down to those 5 schools."

Lambert has three visits lined up, and those three could be his leaders right now.

"I am going to Clemson (1/9), South Carolina (1/16), and Alabama (1/23). My decision is probably going to be between USC, Clemson, and Alabama, but definitely South Carolina and Clemson will be in there." "On the visits, I just want to see how it is when it's not football season. See how the guys hang out, make sure it's not boring, and see how the campus is then." Lambert has already seen several teams play this season so he has a good idea of the gameday experience.

"I've gone to the USC/Virginia game and the Clemson/Georgia game and the Tennessee/Georgia game."

Many teams have offered the huge tackle and he says that his pass blocking has been crucial to his success this season. In fact, Greenville has scored 368 points in eight games, and much of the backside blocking for his left-handed quarterback is sealed with Lambert.

"My biggest advantage is my speed; I'm pretty fast for my size. I ran the 40 5-flat, so I have some good straight-out speed as well." We will continue to keep you updated on Cory's development and recruitment, right up through signing day. Top Stories