JackSmack: Issue #17

Oh, Woody, Woody, Woody. You just about get one when he played like he did on Saturday. That's the vintage Woody and that's why knowledgeable fans wanted him over Willie. We can win the conference for the first time in a decade if we continue to step up when needed. God, that run at the end of the first half was unbelievable.

You have to give props to J.J. McKelvey. We needed a big game from a WR and we got one. Thank you. Maryland and Virginia are tied for the lead in the conference and they meet this weekend, so it's just wide open again. We don't play until next Thursday when we go to Raleigh to meet an average Wolfpack squad when I hope we're not looking ahead to the UNC game.

Ok, nationally in college football, I'm an ACC-SEC man, but I have to say this year that even though I think some of the teams are overrated, the Big 12 is the best conference.

No matter, Florida and Miami aren't even going to get challenged and you're gonna have a fantastic matchup between two Florida schools in the Orange Bowl with the probable Heisman winner (Rex Grossman).

There were some great games to watch last weekend. BYU squeaked by UNLV in what I thought was going to be an upset, and if it wasn't for our game, Alabama-South Carolina would have been the game of the day, and then you had OU getting tested by Kansas State.

By the way, if anyone wants to check out the best running back in the land, I've been keeping up with him all 4 years down at Div. I-AA Georgia Southern. His name is Adrian Peterson and I hope my NFL team drafts him. He is an absolute stud.

A look at this week's big games: (*--who I'd take)

(2) Florida* (-13) @ LSU (Death Valley #2 can be a tough place to play, but the Gators are just too good.)

(5) Texas* (-3) @ (3) Oklahoma (Will the Horns get payback from last year's 63-14 lashing? I think so.)

(8) Oregon (-5 ½) @ (UR) Arizona* (A pretty good test for a team I think is overrated.)

(15) Michigan*(-10) @ (UR) Penn State (I don't even think this will be a test. Bear Bryant's ghost will take Joe Pa to 0-4)

(UR) Virginia* @ (25) Maryland (-8) (I can't believe this is for the conference lead.)

Last week, I went 3-0 in picks last week and LSU should have covered easier and probably should have won that game early. This week, I think Baylor will cover (+25) at Texas A&M. I also really like Washington (-5 ½) at home versus Southern Cal, but my game of the week is Michigan only giving up (-10) against a bad Penn State team.

On to the NFL where I'll give my opinion and a quick recap of last week's games.

The Rams are just too good on turf. KC and Oakland looked good, but who'd they play? Same with Philly against a dreadfull Dallas team.

The Steelers don't have an offense, but you don't need one against the Bills. By the way, ‘Nice turf, Carolina'. Green Bay lost Antuan Edwards and the Panthers lost LB Dan Morgan. Favre is having a great year, though.

The Giants and Saints was a good game between two good teams, and I still couldn't believe New England ran the Colts and shattered what I thought was a pretty easy pick.

Minnesota finally gets a win, but the Bucs aren't very good and I'm glad because I'm sick of hearing their Super Bowl whining for the last 3 years. The Falcons and the Chargers looked good, but what's up with Cleveland and Jacksonville. Who would have though that one?

Here's my bottom 5 teams in the NFL:


And while the Jets, Falcons, and Niners were close to getting in my top ten, they didn't quite make it. Here goes: (last week's ranking in parentheses at end)

St. Louis (3-0) (4)
Denver (2-1) (1)
Green Bay (3-0) (3)
NY Giants (2-1) (9)
Philadelphia (2-1) (7)
Miami (2-1) (5)
Indianapolis (2-1) (2)
Oakland (2-1) (10)
New Orleans (1-1) (6)
Baltimore (2-1) (UR)

Here's this week's interesting games: Cincinnatti @ Pittsburgh* (-6) (This is a big game in the AFC Central)

Minnesota @ New Orleans* (-3 ½) (Can the Vikes win 2 in a row against a team with a good defense? I don't think so.)

San Diego* (-3) @ Cleveland (You have to like Tomlinson and Flutie, but the Browns are just a puzzle.)

Tennessee @ Baltimore* (-4) (A must win for the Titans when the Ravens are starting to look good.)

Kansas City @ Denver (-10) (A good KC team is going to 1-3.)

Green Bay* (+3) @ Tampa Bay (Brett's going to keep them unbeaten for another week.)

After last week's less than par handicapping performance, we're getting back to basics and picking good teams over bad teams. I like the Giants (-13 ½) at home versus the Skins, who are just embarrassing. I also like Atlanta at home (-3) against the Bears. My game of the week has to be St. Louis on turf giving up only (-11) to a hapless Detroit team. Some baseball news: C'mon Barry, C'mon!

He'll do it this weekend. He'll hit 72 on Sunday. Sammy has to impress you by becoming the 1st player ever to hit at least 60 HR's in 3 consecutive years, and can you believe he still can't win the HR title.

As I speak, the Cardinals and Astros are tied and the Phillies look like they're going for another sweep of Atlanta who's up only one game. We also still have a fighting Giants team 2 back of Arizona. Be careful San Fran, Randy Johnson is pitching again on Sunday.

Well, let's enjoy a good weekend of football and the end of the baseball regular season with many stories in itself. God Bless.

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