North Carolina - Clemson Photo Gallery I

Take a look at some the images we captured from Saturday's big win over the North Carolina Tar Heels. Included in this first set are some good shots of Charlie Whitehurst, Derrick Hamilton, and Chad Jasmin.

Derrick Hamilton takes the ball down the right sideline for the 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. See ya!

Chad Jasmin plows for extra yardage near the goal line.

The future of the offensive line: left tackle Roman Fry.

Charlie Whitehurst throws a 3rd quarter pass.

Look out! Greg Walker leads the way for Kyle Browning.

Chansi Stuckey gives the stiff arm on an 11-yard gain on a reverse.

Gaines Adams would level Darian Durant after he got rid of the ball.

LeRoy Hill pounds Darian Durant to the turf.

Charlie yells the play back to Duane Coleman.

Talk about a long handoff!

True freshman Tramaine Billie saw extensive time at the whip linebacker position Saturday.

David Dunham gets the big hit as Anthony Waters hangs on.

Durian Durant (4) fumbles the football at the goal line in the fourth quarter as Jamaal Fudge reaches for the ball. David Dunham (31) recovered the ball in the end zone and Clemson took possession at the 20 yard line. (AP Photo) Top Stories