More Changes on the Offensive Line

Head coach Tommy Bowden announced some more changes on the offensive line on Sunday after reviewing the film of the North Carolina game. Find out which players are going where and much, much more in this report.

The Tigers' offensive line continues to be a merry go round in terms of which players are starting for which game. But with 10 players now starting to see action in each contest, you can understand why.

After grinding out a season high 219 yards on the ground Saturday against North Carolina, head coach Tommy Bowden announced several more potential changes for next weekend's game against Wake Forest.

"Roman Fry probably nudged ahead of William Henry, and Tommy Sharpe nudged ahead of Dustin Fry," said Bowden. "Brandon Pilgrim also played real good, I think he had his most snaps, probably 15 or 17. We'll probably give him increased snaps."

Pilgrim will now see more action at left guard, a position that has generally graded out the strongest all year long by senior Cedric Johnson.

Bowden added that after watching the film from the North Carolina game, nothing really stood out to him in regards to his team's play, other than the missed tackles on defense.

"You start to see little things, but nothing really jumps out at you. We had a lot of missed tackles. We had more missed tackles defensively than at any point this year. We'll work hard on that this week."

"Both of our linebackers missed tackles, which is uncommon with those guys, but neither one played very good."

Bowden also commented on the development of Duane Coleman this season, noting that it may have just been a situation where it took the Florida native a few weeks to get back into the swing of things.

"From his last game of his senior year to the first game of this year was just about 2 years. It takes a while to get that feel back. He has been playing better and has more confidence. He had a lot of missed assignments against N.C. State to hardly missing any this week. He made a safety miss and had a 50-yard run and that's generally what you need to get over 100 yards and I think his confidence has increased."

"His skills in high school were really good and he's also really done a good job of catching the ball. He's probably better (doing that) than we perceived."

As far as the upcoming Wake Forest game, Bowden noted, "Deception, and the way they attack the perimeter is probably the difference when you face a team like Wake Forest. They'll be the most challenging offense, assignment wise, that we'll play this year. So if we miss tackles like we did against North Carolina, it will be like when N.C. State played them and had almost 30 points by halftime."

Charlie Whitehurst was effective yesterday against the Heels, but overall, he didn't have one of his better games, as he, himself, admitted yesterday in the locker room.

Bowden agrees, to a certain extent.

"He just didn't play one of his better games. He probably had about 6 poor throws out there. He made some nice throws and you'll never make all good throws, but I'd probably say about 6 poor throws overall."

Whitehurst finished the afternoon 18-of-35 for 309 yards and 1 touchdown. Top Stories