Florida Lineman Considering a Clemson Visit

At 6'4, 278, Todd Bunce is animal on the football field. The real strength of this athlete though is literally his <b>strength</b> as he has put up almost 450 lbs in the weight room. Bunce is ranked as the 69th best prospect in the state of Florida and could be considered one of the "strongest" kids coming out of highschool in the country.

Todd Bunce plays on the defensive line for his high school in Bradenton, FL, but he is projected to play as an offensive tackle in college. Last year, Todd registered 45 tackles and 3 sacks but he really began to catch the attention of everyone this summer at the NIKE camp in Miami, FL. Since then, you can believe that the calls have started pouring in.

"I had calls from Tennessee, Clemson, Auburn, UCF, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisville," Bunce said. "Kansas and UCF offered scholarships. I don't have any real favorites and am keeping my options open. I have kicked around some thoughts about taking visits maybe to Tennessee, Clemson, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisville," Bunce told FloridaPrepFootball in a recent interview.

Michigan State is also entering the picture with Todd, as they are recruiting him very hard.

Simply put, Bunce is a monster on the football field. He benches an impressive 450 lbs, runs a 4.96 40-yard dash, and has set a personal goal of being able to put up 500 lbs before he gets to college. No wonder he is a competitive power lifter!

The bottomline here is that this kid has a ton of strength, great size, and decent quickness. I'd certainly like to envision him opening up holes for Keith Kelly & company over the next few years.

We will keep you updated on Bunce's progress, and his top 5 college choices as the year goes on.

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