Q&A with Charlie Whitehurst

"After the first drive, it's pretty much all the same," said Charlie Whitehurst in reference to playing before a less than packed house in a 30,000 seat stadium. "You have to make sure that your intensity level is high, because the crowd isn't going to provide it for you."

Charlie you've been somewhat public about the fact that you haven't been pleased with your play the last few weeks even though statistically things are still looking good. Do you feel like you may be in somewhat of a slump?
Whitehurst: No, I don't think so. I had one bad game. I could have played better at N.C. State where I missed a few big throws. That's been the one game this year that I'd like to have back. I was displeased with that one game, so I wouldn't call it a slump.

Wake Forest has traditionally been a place where the fans don't really come out in large numbers. What's that like for a player trying to get motivated during warm ups?
Whitehurst: Well, I was up there as redshirt freshman the last time we played there, so I never got into the game. I did play at Duke last year and you can relate it with that. After the first drive, it's pretty much all the same. You have to make sure that your intensity level is high, because the crowd isn't going to provide it for you.

How do you prevent a letdown when you know that you've got Florida State coming into town next week?
Whitehurst: It's tough. You have to let these guys know, and the coaches are doing a good job of it, that you can't let down this week. We know next week is important, but we just can't let down this week and I think that everybody knows that. The coaches have been drilling it into us that this is the most important game of the season for us.

Have you followed Willie Simmons this year at all and the success that he's had at The Citadel?
Whitehurst: I have. They beat Georgia Southern last week and Furman two weeks ago. He's been a big reason for their success and I'm happy for him. I'm glad that he's doing so well down there.

How do you feel about so many players now making a contribution on the offensive line?
Whitehurst: I think we are rotating about 10 different guys in there now and I think they are all playing well. Sometimes you don't even notice it. It's great that we are getting all of these guys experience. When you have some fresh legs in there it gives you an advantage, and there's not much of a drop-off with any of those guys. It's definitely been a good thing for us I think.

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