Lovett Watches Green Perform

Clemson Defensive Coordinator John Lovett visited Atco, New Jersey to watch one of the top running backs in the Northeast. The Tigers held the early lead for superstar Shonn Greene but now he lists several favorites. Are the Tigers still one of the favorites for the talented running back?

RB Shonn Green
Winslow Township High School
Atco, New Jersey

"Coach Lovett came to see me play a few weeks ago. He called the next week and said I played a good game." Coach Lovett continues to contact Greene to make sure he knows how much the Tigers would like to see him running down the hill next season. "He just asks how I am doing. He wants to know how my season is going."

The 5-11, 190 pound prospect continued his impressive senior campaign last weekend. Greene rushed for over 100 yards and scored 2 touchdowns.

Green does not currently go on record with a leader, but he does have 3 favorites. "Tennessee, Clemson, and Wisconsin are my favorites," stated the prize recruit. All of his favorites are recruiting him as a running back.

Which favorite is recruiting Greene the hardest at this point? "They are all equal. I get mail at least once a week from each of them."

The Winslow Township superstar has not set any of his official visits, but he plans to visit his three favorites and possibly Iowa. "They will all probably be in December," stated Greene.

How will the New Jersey superstar decide where he will play football next season? "It will basically come down to my visits. I will go where I feel I fit in the best. I am looking at the depth charts. I want to see how well I would fit into the offense."

The standout running back plans to take his visits and possibly have a commitment by the end of December. We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding running back from New Jersey, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories