Q&A with Justin Miller

We sat down with Clemson cornerback Justin Miller to get his take on this week's game in Winston-Salem and the possiblity of a letdown with nationally ranked Florida State coming into town next weekend.

Justin, we've heard everybody talk about the problems the Wake Forest offense presents you guys with their misdirection and multiple formations, but from a player's perspective, what can you say about it?
Miller: It's just like you said, there's a lot of different things you have to be ready for. You can't just jump on one thing and forget about everything else and be too aggressive because you know they could come back the other way with a counter or something like that. We can't over pursue.

You seem to be a player that feeds off the energy of the crowd a lot, how will it affect you playing in front of less than 30,000 people in what might be a stadium that's not even filled to capacity?
Miller: It really doesn't matter to me too much, we just have to go out there and execute and play. We're on the road, so we know that we won't have all of our fans out there supporting us. You just have to execute and let your teammates be your fans and get you pumped up while you are out there.

You've got Florida State coming into town next weekend, how do you prevent the let down this week?
Miller: I really don't think there's going to be a letdown just because of the simple fact that Wake Forest is a great team. They can beat anybody in the conference if they come out and play, just like a lot of other teams in the conference are capable of doing. We have to take each game week by week right now.

Will you hear the words, "Florida State" on the practice fields this week?
Miller: Nope, we haven't heard it yet, and we won't hear it either. We are focused on playing Wake Forest and we know that those guys can beat anybody in this conference, including us.

Talk about your role on special teams and the importance of getting some good returns this weekend.
Miller: Field position is always important, and it probably will be even more so in this game. It will be important for us to get some good returns just like it is every week. It helps set the tempo if you can be successful on special teams because you can really help your offense out with a big return.

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