I was tempted to write this last night after I returned from Winston Salem, but thought better of it and slept on my thoughts. It would be a complete waste of time to do my normal grading of the game. I don't want to write it and you don't want to read it.

But, because I'm under contract, so here goes. Where's The Ball…F. Find Your Mark…F. Field Position…F. Be Aggressive…F. Groves Grave…F.

There you go.

It was truly a shame to look up in the 3rd quarter at 8,000 Clemson fans that had sacrificed so much money, time, and effort to come to Winston Salem. I saw moms and dads carrying their tired kids out of the game. I saw grown men who looked ready to cry. I saw hurt and I saw pain.

I thought back to the tremendous tailgating experience in the Lawrence Joel Coliseum parking lot before the game. Clemson fans had taken over the area, much to the bewilderment of Wake Forest fans who were trying to park in the lot 30 minutes before kickoff Clemson fans roared at every Ole Miss score on TV's and talked about what a big game this was for Clemson.

I think back to all of that and I'm embarrassed.

How can this happen? Why did this happen? Who is to blame?

I have always been a firm believer that you support Clemson University during the season and wait until after the season to talk coaching changes, etc. I've said that a zillion times this season, and I stand behind it today more than ever.

We have three games remaining…one of which means more to me than any other game on the schedule. Regardless of the FSU and Duke outcomes, winning in Columbia mean everything to me personally…and probably to you as well.

I will be in Death Valley the next two weeks screaming for our Tigers. I will be in Columbia in 3 weeks screaming for our Tigers. I would hope you do the same.

Tommy Bowden's fate has been sealed. One way or another, the decision has already been made internally by Terry Don Phillips.

There is no sense whatsoever in wasting your time debating it. Terry Don Phillips knows right now whether he will allow Bowden to stay on for another year or not. He has made his decision. There is nothing Tommy Bowden or this team can do in the next three games that will change that decision.

And, whatever that decision is, I have faith in Terry Don Phillips.

So, for the next three weeks it is our job to show what makes Clemson special. We need to show it for Tommy Bowden and this staff. We need to show it for Terry Don Phillips. We need to show it for any other coach in America that one day longs to get a chance to coach at this University.

But, most importantly, we need to do it for ourselves. We love Clemson football and we still have three more opportunities to watch them play.

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