What We are Hearing...

Some insider news and notes on what went wrong on Saturday in Winston-Salem, as well as some other important news and notes surrounding the football program.

What Went Wrong in Winston-Salem
Everything we are hearing indicates one simple thing in regards to Saturday: the team was looking ahead to the Florida State game this weekend. Sure, anybody can say that looking at the box score and listening to the game on the radio, but most of the players we heard from after the game all re-enforced this very notion.

"I think we were taking this game for granted," noted one player. "We are still very much in shock that we lost." For whatever reason, most of the guys felt like the team was ready to play Saturday, but once the game started, they just couldn't get it going.

What This Means for Saturday
An interesting side note, last week at the press conference in Clemson, I conducted an informal poll among the beat writers that cover Clemson sports for a living. Almost every single one of them said that they felt like Clemson would have a better chance against Florida State if they lost to Wake Forest last weekend. Strange but very true.

Apparently, the people that follow this program the closest, all seem to concur that this team plays it's best football by far with it's back firmly pressed against the wall.

Support for Bowden
Without question, the players have been forgotten in the mess that has ensued on message boards and on sports talk radio since Saturday's loss. However, it's important to note that most of the players on the team still want Bowden as the head coach at Clemson University.

In fact, if the Tigers aren't able to rebound and put together a string of victories to end the season, don't be surprised to see some very public statements in support of Bowden and several of the key assistant coaches.

And Yes They Know
You guessed it, the players are fully aware of what is on the line for the remainder of the season, and don't be surprised to see a better product on the field as a result.

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