Clemson Ranked #17 (TheInsiders Poll)

Catapulted by an impressive victory over a ranked opponent, the Gators took command in their native Florida, as well as the top of Top 25 College Football Poll, a spot dominated all season by Miami. Clemson moved up three spots to #17. The Tigers are ranked #18 in the ESPN/USA Today poll and #16 by the AP.

Florida (5-0) took over as No. 1 after a 44-15 trouncing of LSU, which was ranked No. 18 in last week's poll.

The Hurricanes (4-0) slipped to No. 2 despite a 38-7 win over Troy State, while Oklahoma (4-0) actually gained more first-place votes, 3-2, to enter the national championship picture after a 14-3 victory over last week's fifth-ranked team, Texas.

Virigina Tech (4-0) climbed into the top five after a 35-0 victory over West Virginia.

The Pac-10 continued to be well represented in's top 10, with UCLA (4-0) at No. 6, Oregon (5-0) at No. 7 and Washington (4-0) at No. 9. The Huskies beat USC 27-24 on a field goal with no time left for their third come-from-behind win of the season.

Newcomers to this week's rankings were Maryland (5-0) at No. 20, Colorado (4-1) at No. 21, and Ohio State (3-1) and Georgia (3-1) tied for No. 24. LSU, Northwestern and Toledo dropped out of the poll. is an online sports network featuring the top college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites on the Web. The Top 25 College Poll includes ballots from publishers reflecting the regions and conferences represented in college team network.

The Oct. 7, 2001 poll:

1 Florida (7)2922
2 Miami (2)2871
3 Oklahoma (3)2833
4 Nebraska2664
5 Virginia Tech2449
6 UCLA2337
7 Oregon2267
8 Fresno State20010
9 Washington19812
10 South Carolina19713
11 Texas1855
12 Michigan15416
13 Florida State15114
14 Tennessee1316
15 Georgia Tech11417
16 Brigham Young9819
17 Clemson8120
18 Purdue7321
20 Maryland69 
21 Colorado55 
22 Texas A&M4922
23 Kansas State4711
24 Ohio State40 
Washington State4023
*First place votes in parenthesis.

Other teams receiving votes:
Toledo 29, LSU 20, Alabama 10, Michigan State 7, Northwestern 6, Texas Tech 1. Top Stories