Q&A with Justin Miller

"The thing with us is that we just have to execute from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. You don't want to walk around all week mad or anything," said cornerback Justin Miller.

Can you talk about what it will be like for you to face a guy as fast as Craphonso Thorpe?
Miller: I don't know. When you face any receiver it's not like you are going to do something different. That's part of the game when you have to face the best of the best. Put me out there, and I think I could do the same things. I can run with him. I can run with anybody.

What was the problem last weekend against Wake Forest?
Miller: It was just a matter of a lot of missed tackles and being out of position. We didn't make the adjustments we needed to make either. There were just a lot of things with our technique.

Is it big for you guys to stop the run against Florida State, especially since you've had some problems the last few games and because FSU likes to run a lot of play-action?
Miller: Yeah, it will be very essential for us to stop them on the ground early and try to make them a one dimensional offense. If we can make them pass the ball a lot and get pressure on the quarterback, it should give us a lot of opportunities to get out there and make things happen.

Do you look at Chris Rix as a risk taker for their team?
Miller: Yeah, I would say that, but I'd also say that he's a smart quarterback too. He understands his offense and he knows that he can put that ball up thee and let his receivers go get it. So I think he takes risks, but he's a smart quarterback too.

Do you think that it takes a toll on Coach Bowden to have lost to his father and to have to face his father every year?
Miller: I don't know how much it really bothers him. I would think as a son you would like to beat his father. It's competition, and you want those bragging rights when you go home.

Are you surprised that Coach Bowden hasn't talked to you about his situation here at Clemson?
Miller: No, I'm not surprised. You really don't want to talk to your team about that in the middle of the season. That's the least of his worries. Right now, it's just going on throughout the season and finishing strong. You don't want to put any more burdens on the team then you have to.

What about the game down in Tallahassee last year, do you feel like that you guys let one slip away late in the game?
Miller: I felt like we had the chances to win, sure, but we just missed some of the opportunities. That was a tough game for us because we were right there and just let it slip away.

What about the atmosphere on Saturday night? Are you looking forward to that?
Miller: Oh yeah. (laughing) The atmosphere is going to be great. A bunch of fans screaming for us and playing on national television- I love it.

What's the mindset after the loss to Wake Forest? How do you make sure something like that doesn't happen again?
Miller: The thing with us is that we just have to execute from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. You don't want to walk around all week mad or anything. You just have to practice hard throughout the week and understand fully what's going on, and get a good understanding of their offense before you hit the field.

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