Q&A with Justin Miller

CUTigers.com sat down to talk with Justin Miller about a variety of topics Tuesday, including the big win over Florida State, and also some interesting tidbits on the quiet leaders of the team in Derrick Hamilton and Charlie Whitehurst!

Can you explain how you guys go out one week and lose to Wake Forest, and then come out the next week and pummel the 3rd ranked team in the country?
Miller: I don't know really. It may be a lack of concentration. I feel like we may have been just trying to get through the game or something. Against Florida State, we came in there really determined to go out there and win the game. We knew that the way we played against Wake Forest was a fluke.

Does it help you prepare and keep your focus a little more this week now that Duke has gone out and beaten Georgia Tech?
Miller: Nah, not really. We know that Duke has the potential to be a great team and that they can beat us. We know that already. We didn't play that well last year against those guys and we were in a dogfight the whole game. Everybody remembers that from last year and people are thinking about it this week during practice.

Can you talk about Tye Hill and his development this year in the secondary. Is there any envy there with him picking up ACC Player of the Week?
Miller: No, not at all, he's very deserving of it. He made some very big plays in a very big game. Those plays were a momentum builder for me and a momentum builder for this defense against a really good team. He's really coming along back there and I think we'll have a really good secondary for the next few years.

Justin, switching gears a little bit, would you be interested in every moving to free safety during your career at Clemson?
Miller: Free safety? Well, I'd say right now I'm happy at cornerback so I'd have to say probably not. I'm pretty comfortable at corner.

You said at the beginning of the year that Charlie Whitehurst was the best quarterback in the ACC. Do you still feel the same way with two games left?
Miller: I still think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. You've got to see what he's doing now and what other quarterbacks in the league are doing, and he's only a sophomore. He's still solidifying himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the ACC and in the country. I go against him everyday in practice so I see what he's like and what's he capable of doing for us. I may give him a hard time sometimes, but it's all in good fun. He's going to be a great one here.

What about Derrick Hamilton? He's a guy that always seems real quiet with the media and on the field. What's he like?
Miller: (laughing) Ham is quiet, but he'll talk a little bit. You probably won't see it as much when you guys are out there, but he'll cut up with us. We'll be at practice and he's always telling Coach Lovett that he better find someone out there can match up on him and stuff like that. (laughing) We all laugh and joke about stuff, but Ham isn't as quiet as everybody thinks he is.

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