In-State Battle for Barber Heating Up

C.J. Barber, one of the top athletes in South Carolina, was not able to visit Death Valley to watch the Tigers beat the Seminoles because he injured his knee before his final regular season game. Find out about his injury, his thoughts on the Tigers big upset, and his current leaders in this recruiting Q&A.

DB C.J. Barber
6-2, 215, 4.5
Northwestern High School
Rock Hill, South Carolina

How did you injure your knee and will you be able to return this season?
Barber: I tore some cartilage in my knee during warm-ups for my game last week. I didn't get to play against Rock Hill. I hope to be back in about 3 weeks. If our team makes the third round of the playoffs then I hope to be back.

What are your thoughts on the Clemson victory over Florida State?
Barber: I thought it was a really good game. Clemson played really good.

When did you last speak with the Clemson coaching staff?
Barber: I talked with Coach Blackwell last week. He usually calls on Wednesday or Thursday.

Are you ready to name a leader?
Barber: No, I'm not ready to name leader. It's going to be between Clemson and South Carolina.

Will the team's performance on the field this season have an impact on your decision?
Barber: Yes. It will have an impact.

Do you parents have a preference at this point?
Barber: No. They don't really care. They will support my decision no matter what I decide.

Do you plan to attend any games over the next few weeks?
Barber: I will attend the Clemson game at South Carolina in a few weeks.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories