Q&A with William Henry

"You never think it's going to end," said senior William Henry about playing his last game at in Death Valley on Saturday. "When you first come in you see guys shedding tears before the game because that was their last time running down the hill..."

William, you've got only two games left in your career at Clemson, can you talk about how you feel about the direction of the offensive line after you leave the program?
Henry: I think the offensive line is going to be real good. Roman has already started a couple of games for me. I didn't play well for a couple of games so he got in there and got some really good experience I think. He's still got some developing to do, but I feel real good about his future here. And then, Marion Dukes, he's just a true freshman. He's one of the first true freshmen to come in there and play in about 5 or 6 years. He's got good technique. But I think Cedric Johnson will be the leader of this unit next year and I know they won't miss a beat because they've got some talent out there.

I know I overheard you earlier talking about different postseason scenarios, is there one bowl in particular that you'd like to go to or a particular team that you'd like to play?
Henry: I'm just glad that we have the opportunity to play in a bowl game. A lot of teams out there right now can't even say that so I'm just glad we'll be able to play one more game this season. I have a preference, but I'm not going to tell you about it. (laughing)

Is this week of practice similar to the week of practice before the Wake Forest game? That week, people were talking about the next week when you guys played Florida State, this week, people are talking about South Carolina.
Henry: I think everybody's focused on Duke, because we know we have to win out for things to work out for us. We didn't have a great focus for Wake Forest, and we got beat. So that was a lesson we learned that we don't want to go through again.

Does it help grab your attention that they really took it to Georgia Tech last weekend to get their first ACC win?
Henry: I think it does. The scores in their games have been real close. They haven't had many losses where they've been completely blown out. You have to respect them, because they are putting up a lot of points on some really good teams. So, we know that we've got to bring that same focus that we had last week to this week's game against Duke.

Have you given much thought to the fact that this is your last time running down the hill Saturday?
Henry: You never think it's going to end. When you first come in you see guys shedding tears before the game because that was their last time running down the hill and everything and you think that time will never come for you. With me, I waited a long time to play in the Valley. Some guys come in and play four or five years, I only really played for two. My two years of playing have come and gone really quick. It's kind of scary. But right now, I just want to come out and have a good game.

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