Bowden Talks South Carolina Rivalry

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden addressed the media Sunday about a number of topics, including this Saturday's annual rivalry with the South Carolina Gamecocks. "I didn't know what to expect until I coached in it," said Tommy Bowden.

About Chad Jasmin's emergence at running back.
Bowden: He's just been a really solid performer the last few weeks. We started him Saturday, and he just gives us a different combination with Duane Coleman back there. He's a different type of runner, but he's been very effective for us this year.

What does this rivalry with South Carolina remind you of?
Bowden: It reminds me a lot of Alabama/Auburn rivalry. There's not a lot of distractions with this rivalry in South Carolina or Alabama because these are the main teams in both states. Ole Miss or Mississippi State would be similar, but I haven't been around that one.

What did you expect of this rivalry?
Bowden: I didn't know what to expect until I coached in it. But as I mentioned before, you really understand the magnitude of it once you are a part of it. Once you're in it, you know everything you need to know and fully understand it's importance.

On getting the attention of the players this week. Does it allow you to add to your game plan since you don't have to worry about getting the attention of your players?
Bowden: It makes my job a lot easier. We should have a similar sized package, by that I mean number of protections, passing plays, running plays, base coverages on defense, that we have during a normal week, that really never changes.

More about the emergence of the running game this year.
Bowden: We've tried to be patient because we did some things earlier in the season that we really hadn't done it before, but we've gotten better as the year has gone on. Top Stories