Groover Enjoys Visit to Death Valley

Cory Groover, one of the top JUCO defensive tackles in the nation, visited Clemson last weekend with one of his talented teammates to watch the Tigers defeat the Noles. Is the standout JUCO still firm with the Tigers? Find out all the details in this recruiting update.

DT Cory Groover
6-3, 280. 4.9
Southwest Mississippi Junior College
Pamplico, South Carolina

The 6-3, 275 pound superstar defender made the trip with his teammate Markell Thompson and both came away very impressed with the visit. "It was crazy. I had great time. I liked it a lot. It was fun. It made me feel great about my decision."

Did his talented teammate enjoy the visit? "He liked it. He's still talking about it. He says Clemson is on top right now. He's going to visit Florida next week. He's also looking at Wisconsin and Oregon State."

What are the chances that the two of you will play together again next season? "It's very high. He keeps talking about it every day." Both players are on schedule to graduate in December and will be ready to enroll in January.

Groover arrived in Death Valley wearing a custom tee shirt that made just for the game. "I had it made here in the mall. I told the guy what I wanted and he made it for me." (see below)

Coach Smith made the trip to Southwest Mississippi Community College to visit with Groover and Thompson. "Coach Smith came up Friday. He spent a lot of time talking with Markell. He knows I'm coming to Clemson so he spent more time talking with Markell."

Groover has just a few weeks left before graduation and then he will be ready to enroll at Clemson. "Classes are going good. Everything is on schedule. I finish up on December 18th."

Are any other schools still recruiting the prize recruit? "I'm sure they are. The coach doesn't tell me because he knows where I'm going. I'm not going anywhere but Clemson so it doesn't matter."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive tackle, right up through his enrollment to Clemson in January. Top Stories