JackSmack: Issue #18

Well, well, Tiger fans. I think we cover (-3 ½) this weekend in Raleigh, but we must have another solid game from Woody and we need a receiver to step up, be it J.J. McKelvey, Derrick Hamilton or someone else. The Georgia Tech-Maryland game doesn't matter. We have to win the rest of our conference games to win the ACC, and it might just happen this year.

If we don't, then we'll see, but just because the Terps are undefeated, don't go loving on those Jackets. By the way, if anyone saw the Gameday show where Lee Corso said Adrian Peterson of Georgia Southern was the best RB in the nation and "you heard it here first". I guess Mr. Corso's not reading JackSmack because actually you heard it here first.

In last week's notable games, Florida proved they are just too good. To blow out LSU like that in Death Valley is very impressive.

I've liked Applewhite over Simms for a long time and I don't know if it would have made a difference Saturday, but I'm tired of Oklahoma and I need someone to whip them.

Hey Kansas State, nice rebound at home against Colorado after you took OU to the wire.

The game of the week was by far the Tennessee-Georgia game. What a finish! I told you UT was overrated. Georgia's not there yet, but after all the yapping coming out of Athens, Bulldog fans might finally have something to look forward to in the next couple of years with Mark Richt and the frosh QB Greene.

By the way, Va. Tech and Oregon are the worst # 5 and 6 teams I can honestly remember.

This week's notable games: (*--who I'd take)

Miami* (-7) @ Florida State (I hate picking against the Noles, but the Canes are too much.)

(16) Purdue @ (12) Michigan* (-11) (Purdue should not be ranked. Michigan covers easy again.)

(20) Maryland* @ (15) Georgia Tech (-9) (Thursday Night—Tech may not cover, but I think they'll win in a shootout.)

(19) Texas A&M* @ (UR) Colorado (-8) (This should be a close game. The spread iswhacked because of last week's numbers.)

(UR) Washinton State* @ (22) Stanford (-3 ½) (The surprise team in the Pac-10 stays undefeated.)

I went 2-1 on my picks last week and I'm still kicking myself for laying off Florida, probably like I'll be doing after Miami rolls over the Noles. But this week, I like West Virginia getting (+12) @ Notre Dame and Southern Cal to cover (-2 ½) at home against Arizona State. But the take of the week is Florida. They're only giving up (-21) @ Auburn.

Kill your bookie and thank me later.

On to the NFL, where I'll go ahead and recap last week's action.

The Bears embarrassed the Falcons and I can't believe the Cards surprised Philly.

Miami looked solid against New England as did the Giants over the Skins. Baltimore looked great and sent the bumbling Titans to 0-3.

New Orleans had a good win, but Cris Carter's hotdogging cost the Vikes that game. Hell of a play by the Saints DB.

The Steelers again only needed Bettis and a good D to get by the Bengals while the Browns said a lot in their win over San Diego.

The Jets looked OK in a high scoring affair with the Bills and the Seahawks ripped the Jags behind Shaun Alexander's 176 yards. I guess we know why Bama struggled so much last year. Denver and San Francisco still look impressive with solid victories over the Chiefs and Panthers, respectively.

Oakland squeaked by the Cowboys and my man Favre had a bad enough game to give a not too good Tampa team a win.

My bottom 5 teams:

The best division in football is the AFC West and the worst is the NFC East. Before I run down next week's notable games, here's my top ten: (last week's ranking in parentheses)

St. Louis (4-0) (1)
Denver (3-1) (2)
Baltimore (3-1) (10)
NY Giants (3-1) (4)
Miami (3-1) (6)
New Orleans (2-1) (9)
Green Bay (3-1) (3)
Indianapolis (2-1) (7)
Philadelphia (2-2) (5)
Oakland (3-1) (8)

This weekend: (*--who I'd take)

Baltimore* @ Green Bay (-1) (The Ravens might be the most balanced team in the league.)

Cleveland* @ Cincinnatti (-2 ½) (The Browns try to go to 4-1 in a big divisional game.)

NY Giants @ St. Louis* (-10 ½) (The G-Men are good, but the Rams at home are too good.)

Pittsburgh* @ KC (-3) (A must win for the Chiefs. I don't know.)

Tampa Bay* @ Tennessee (-3) (I think the Bucs cover in a low scoring game between 2 bad offenses.)

Denver* (-7) @ Seattle (You gotta like the Broncs.)

Miami* (-3) @ NY Jets (The Fins are solid enough up front to control Curtis Martin.)

Oakland @ Indianapolis* (-3 ½) (The Colts are back home and will rebound big.) Last week, I went 2-1 and you had to have killed your book Monday Night with the Rams. This week, I really like Indy (-3 ½) over the Raiders and the Niners (-3) over the Falcons. The take of the week, though, is Baltimore (-1) at the Packers. On to baseball, where it looks like the Braves will be in the NLCS before I finish typing.

I like the Diamondbacks, though, to win the National League behind Johnson and Schilling.

In the AL, the Indians held the mighty Seattle offense to zero runs. It doesn't matter because whomever wins the Yankees-A's series is gonna win the whole thing. I'll take the Yanks just because I always took the Bulls.

Well, Bonds got to 73, and with Rickey, Cal, and Gwynn, the last week of the regular season was fun. Too bad for the Giants. So, Go Tigers, Go Yankees, and enjoy a great weekend of sports.

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