Q&A with Curtis Baham

"I don't think we'll reach our potential at all this season if we don't win this game against South Carolina," said wide receiver Curtis Baham. "We are definitely a nine or ten win type of team."

Curtis, you had a really big game last weekend against Duke, a couple of big catches, your first touchdown...do you feel like you are now starting to make your mark on this potent offense?
Baham: Yeah, I feel like I have my role in the offense now, and just make plays whenever I possibly can.

Walk me through that play that you scored on.
Baham: Well, I went in motion, went to the back of the endzone came on across, and Charlie found me with the ball. It felt great, my first career touchdown, and hopefully the first of many more.

Talk to me about this rivalry with South Carolina. Do you feel like this is a game that you have to win in order to have a successful season?
Baham: I don't think we'll reach our potential at all if we don't win this game against South Carolina. We are definitely a nine or ten win team. I doubt that we'll lose, but if we did, we really wouldn't have reached our potential.

What about the South Carolina defense? Is there anything that you've seen of them that makes you think the offense will have problems putting up some points?
Baham: They are pretty much a zone team, it's a lot of stuff that we've seen from a bunch of teams this year. I think you could even say that about their special teams too, but we know they'll have some new wrinkles in their scheme for us. We'll have the same thing for them too.

What have you heard about playing in a road game is this rivalry?
Baham: I've heard it's about 10,000 Clemson fans swarmed around 80,000 Carolina fans and they spread the Clemson fans out real thin around the stadium so they can't make noise. I'm sure it's going to be a real hostile environment with a lot of screaming going on. We just have to communicate good with our calls on the field and execute.

Is playing on the road in an environment like that a big time motivating factor for this team?
Baham: Yeah, playing at home there's a lot more emotion involved because you know the crowd is pulling for you as opposed to against us. They scream a lot more when we are on offense, that's about it.

Is this football team playing it's best football of the season riding a two game winning streak over Florida State and Duke?
Baham: Yeah, no doubt. We are playing real well right now, our best football by far. Our defense has stepped it up to another level, everybody loves the way our defense is playing, and we are executing well on offense, and playing well on special teams, Justin returned a punt last week. We do that on Saturday and we shouldn't have any problems.

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