Recruiting Visits to Clemson

With signing day getting closer and closer, the all important visit becomes one of the biggest factors in the recruiting process. We've made a fourth round of additions to our initial list, including players like RB Michael Cooper, LB Irvin Brisker and others. 28 visits in all are now listed.

As it stands now, the weekend of January 11, 2002 appears to be huge, and we mean that literally. Big OL Dustin Fry, OL Roman Fry, OL Rhett Parson, OL Tim DeBeer, and OL Brian Johnson are all planning on being in TigerTown that particular weekend. With a host of Tigers on the offensive line leaving after this season, you can bet that a lot will come out of the 2nd weekend in January.

Below are the players that we have documented who will be coming to Clemson for recruiting purposes. They are noted by position, name, visit date, and their home state:

  DT DeMarcus Johnson November 30, 2001  FL
  DT Roy Williams     November 30, 2001  MS
  WR Dishon Platt     December 7, 2001   FL  
  OL John Hall        January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Brian Johnson    January 11, 2002   FL
  RB Michael Cooper   January 18, 2002   GA
  DB Justin Miller    January 18, 2002   KY
  DE Brandon Cannon   January 18, 2002   GA
  DB Jeff Francouer   January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Antonio Mercer   January 18, 2002   GA
  OL Roman Fry        January 11, 2002   OH
  LB Irvin Brisker    January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Rhett Parson     January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Stephen Heyer    January 11, 2002   GA
  WR Kelvin Grant     January 11, 2002   SC
  WR Charles Ben      January 11, 2002   SC
  OL Dustin Fry       January 11, 2002   SC
  WR Troy Williamson  January 12, 2002   SC
  DL Jabari Levey     January 11, 2002   SC
  OL Tim DeBeer       January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Nevin McCaskill  January 11, 2002   FL
  DE Quentin Moses    January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Matt McClernan   January 25, 2002   GA 
  WR Franklin Payne   January 11, 2002   TN
  TE Michael Turner   January 11, 2002   GA
  OL Chris White      January 18, 2002   SC
  PK Cole Chason      January 11, 2002   GA
  TE Moe Thompson     February 1, 2002   SC

Players that have indicated that they will visit Clemson, but have not yet set a date:

  QB Chansi Stuckey         GA
  QB Justin Tyler           GA
  QB James Banks            IN
  WR Mario Raley            NC
  WR Travis Anderson        SC
  DB Fred Bennett           SC
  OL Troy Reddick           GA
  OL Nolan Fisher           CA
  OL Stephen Sene           SC
  DL Mickey Rice            SC
  LB Kim DeLarge            LA
  RB Reggie Merriweather    SC
We will continue to update this list as we receive more information throughout the season. Top Stories