Clemson - South Carolina Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden "First off, on my future, I'm very honored to be the head coach of Clemson. In the three most important things in my life, it is my family, my faith, and Clemson University, in that order. I will have two children graduate with degrees from Clemson and I will be forever bonded to it. That being said, I will now wait until the President makes his final decision regarding my future there."

"I think it would be awful difficult to play any better. Lou Holtz has a very sound, very tough team and they are tough to beat. Tonight's game held no indication of the ability of South Carolina."

"Our success for the most part this season has been from our defense."

"Our senior leadership has responded since the loss to Wake Forest."

"Our objective every week is to start fast, stop them early and make the other team one dimensional. A win like this is always satisfying. It shows your staff is doing a good job and the players executed."

On Charlie Whitehurst: "He's a good player. He has the potential to be a great quarterback in his future."

On beating South Carolina: "It's nice to beat Florida State - that was something we needed to do eventually - but we think about this game 365 days per year. This one is always on our mind, we always are thinking of having to play South Carolina."

Charlie Whitehurst "We took advantage of our opportunities and the coaches did a great job calling the game. The first two touchdowns were wide open and that is a credit to the coaches. Our offensive line did a great job and we took the lead early. You have to give credit to USC because they played hard the whole game. They never gave up and it feels great to get a win.."

John Leake "Great win for this university. It's easy when you score so many points. I wanted to score more points but didn't want to get too greedy. We played downhill and played good as a defense."

Chad Jasmin "I just had on my mind no one could stop me. All week long people were talking about Demetris Summers. We worked hard all week it finally paid off. Our offense clicked on all cylinders."

Justin Miller "Our offense exploded. They played really well and Charlie was great tonight. He's a great coach, can't blame Coach Bowden. He can't play the game he can only prepare us." Top Stories