Staley Waiting on Final

Brain Staley, one of the nations top JUCO defensive backs last year, visited Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday night to watch the Tigers whip the Gamecocks. Will Staley have everything completed in time to enroll at Clemson in January? Find out all the details in this recruiting update.

CB Brian Staley
Georgia Military Academy
Greenwood, South Carolina
5-10, 185, 4.4
NR: JUCO Rating: *****

Did you attend the Clemson game with South Carolina this weekend?
Staley: I went to the game with my girl friend. We stayed until they started beating them real bad.

What were your thoughts on the Tigers victory over the Gamecocks?
Staley: I was happy. I have a lot of friend at South Carolina. I talked a lot of trash. I felt real good about it. I'm glad Clemson won.

Have you completed your class work so that you can enroll in January?
Staley: I'm waiting on my final to get here. It hasn't come yet. I need to finish that and fax it back to the school.

What are you hearing from Georgia Military as you work to complete your correspondence course?
Staley: They are just talking to me about finishing my class. They tell me to take care of the class work and they will take care of the rest.

Are you still planning to be completed in time to enroll in January?
Staley: I am working to finish in time to enroll in January. If for some reason I don't have everything done I will enroll later in the year.

Have you talked with the Clemson coaching staff over the past few weeks?
Staley: No, I haven't talked with them in some time.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive back, right up through his enrollment to college. Top Stories