Bowden - Fulmer Peach Bowl Luncheon

<img src=> Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden and Tennessee head coach Phil Fulmer met with the media this afternoon in Atlanta to discuss the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. CUTigers was on hand to speak with both coaches about the January 2nd matchup.

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Phil Fulmer Opening Statements
"Well we certainly are excited to be back at the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. I want to thank Gary and Steve, they are incredible hosts and it's an incredible city to be in here in Atlanta. Hopefully we'll play much better than what we did last year. Our season was an interesting season, we had great leadership from a group of guys that went through a tough year last year. If you have the right kind of people you build on that kind of adversity, and we did."

"We started off the season very well, and we had some disappointments there against Auburn and Georgia. But we fought back. We had some big wins against Florida and Miami and Alabama. Alabama is always a big game for us and then we finished the season with 6 wins in a row. I'm proud of our guys. We've got a quarterback that is exciting and a defense that has improved a lot so we are hopeful to bring our "A-game" and play well against a really fine Clemson football team."

Tommy Bowden Opening Statements
"When Gary called about the Peach Bowl Sunday night, I couldn't think of a bowl game that Clemson fans are more associated with than the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. I think maybe because geographically where we are and that we've 22 players from Georgia. Our players are excited. Anytime a coach can rehash over a season, there's always a defining moment where your team makes a statement and take a stand. It could be in January, it could be a death in the family of a player or within the Clemson family or after a close loss or a devestating loss."

"In our case, it happened after the Wake Forest game where we had a disappointing loss on the road and then had to turn around play the number three team in the country in Florida State and then in end of the season against the University of South Carolina. At that point in time, our senior leadership took a stand and made a tremendous statement the next week (after Wake Forest) against Florida State."

"The team you'll see January 2nd in the Peach Bowl is relatively young. We've got 18 or 19 back of our top 22 back on defense, and 18 or so of our top 22 back on offense and a freshman kicker and punter and sophomore quarterback. So I think the foundation is solid, but of course the difficulty in facing Tennessee is that they've won their last 6 games, we've won our last 3, and they broke Miami's 50-game home winning streak. That's just a testament to the quality of the team we are playing. So we are facing another program that really has a sound foundation. Both teams have some momentum going into this game and we look forward to see if we can sustain that momentum the next 3 or 4 weeks." Top Stories