Q&A with Justin Miller

We sat down with Justin Miller earlier today to get his thoughts on a number of things concerning the 2003 season, including the massive turnaround after the Wake Forest game and a look ahead to the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, and the Tennessee Volunteers.

Justin, you've got a 5 week layoff between the South Carolina game and the bowl game against Tennessee, how do you think this team can keep it's momentum going with that kind of break?
Miller: You know it's hard not to lose it because we've had such a long layoff, but we want to go out there and win this game. We've got the desire to win this game. The bottom line is that we know that we'll have to play well, and play early and execute if we plan on beating Tennessee.

Looking back over the season, you guys seemed to hit rock bottom after Wake Forest, and then turned the entire year around with a huge win over FSU. Do you remember what was said during that week leading up to the FSU game that helped change things so dramatically for this football team?
Miller: At the time I think, everybody just understood that we were in a position to make or break the season. We understood that, and we went out there and changed things for the better on the field. We all kept a level head and we all kept things positive. The last three games, we really went out and executed at a level that we hadn't executed at before, and that made the difference. That was the biggest reason why we were able to win those games, it was execution.

What would a win over Tennessee mean for this program going into next year?
Miller: It would mean a lot, because Tennessee is a great team with a lot of great athletes that's highly ranked. There's no denying that. If we go out there and beat those guys, it will mean a lot for us heading into next season and just give us that much more confidence.

What about your play this season? You really seemed to pick it up a notch or two towards the end of the season with some big plays. Talk about your sophomore year at cornerback.
Miller: My sophomore year could have gone either way really, it could have been bad, or it could have been good. I'm not frustrated with how my season went or anything, I played well and did the things I was supposed to do. I made plays when we needed it, so I feel good about this year and good about the team.

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