JackSmack: Issue 19

Tiger fans, Tiger fans, Tiger fans. Woody's playing like a Heisman contender and we need him to because our defense is just not very good right now. The good news is that we are ranked #15 in one poll and and #13 in the other, and we could very well climb into the top 10 before facing Florida State in November.

We should be fine, as long as our receivers continue to step up for us in the clutch. The return of Jackie Robinson and Roscoe Crosby this week should help the Tigers have a more balanced attack.

We're (-6 ½) point favorites at home versus the Tar Heels, and this is another game we can't look past before our final three, and by the way- don't worry about Maryland, they still have to play us and Florida State.

Last week, the big story was obviously Auburn beating Florida, and Rex Grossman getting picked off four times. I still don't believe it.

I also can't believe I laid off of the Michigan and Miami games. Not only did the Terps cover against the Jackets, but they won. I like Friedgen, I just didn't expect an improvement this soon.

Colorado remained impressive and even covered against Texas A&M. I nailed the Washington State game as they went to 6-0. I know most of you hate the Gamecocks, but that Arkansas screwup is not what we need for our BCS rankings.

It looks like with Florida losing, that Miami is waiting on OU or Nebraska, but they could both lose a game, and then you have to like UCLA whose Deshaun Foster looks like he's the Heisman frontrunner right now. Forget VT and Oregon. I can't believe they're ranked 4 and 5, respectively.

This week's notable games: (*--who I'd take)

(17) Colorado* @ (8) Texas (-10) (I think the Longhorns squeak out a close one at home.)

(11) Tennessee (-2) @ (UR) Alabama* (UT's beaten the Tide six in a row, and Bama has never lost 7 in a row to anyone.)

(22) Florida St. (-12) @ (UR) Virginia* (A road test for a ‘Noles team that needs a win.)

Last week, I gave you 2 winners with West Virginia and Southern Cal, but my pick of the week was just awful. This week, I like LSU (-2 ½) @ Mississippi St. and Ole Miss (-12) at home versus Middle Tennessee State. My take of the week is Southern Cal. They're actually getting a point (+1) @ Notre Dame.

On to the NFL, where I'll go ahead and recap last week's action.

The biggest game was Green Bay's impressive win behind Favre over the Ravens. The Pack couldn't run, so they just spread the field and Favre looked great.

The Titans got their first win, although they tried to give it away, while the Steelers are the surprise first place team in the AFC Central with another road win behind Bettis and the NFL's number one defense.

Oakland looked good beating Indy, while Seattle impressed for the 2nd week in a row by routing Denver behind Dilfer and another spectacular performance by Shaun Alexander, who had 140 yds on the ground.

And yes, if you don't know it, Trent Dilfer has won the last 13 games he's started.

The Jets shut up Miami with a big comeback causing the Fins to have some internal fighting this week.

The Saints made one of the ballsiest calls I've ever seen giving it to Ricky with time running out against Carolina.

The Rams squeaked by the Giants, and if there's a coach who's quickly getting on my bad list; it's Jim Fassel. Quit crying.

San Fran beat the Falcons behind Garcia and Owens who are becoming more dangerous than Favre-Freeman and Manning Harrison.

Tom Brady is looking good as the Pats squeaked by San Diego, and the Bears continue to impress with their win over the ‘Cards.

The Rams could go undefeated, but I think they'll lose to either SF or New Orleans. With the Jets and Bears on the bubble, here's my top ten for this week: (last week's ranking in parentheses)

1) St. Louis (5-0) (1)
2) Green Bay (4-1) (7)
3) NY Giants (3-2) (4)
4) New Orleans (3-1) (6)
5) Baltimore (3-2) (3)
6) Philadelphia (3-2) (9)
7) Seattle (3-2) (UR)
8) Denver (3-2) (2)
9) Miami (3-2) (5)
10) Pittsburgh (3-1) (UR)

This week's notable games:

St. Louis* (-7) @ NY Jets (The Jets won't come back on the Rams who won't stop scoring.)

Chicago* @ Cincinnatti (-1) (Should be a close game, but Dillon's gonna find it tough to run against the Bears.)

Baltimore (-7 ½) @ Cleveland (Couch is gonna spread out the D like Favre did. This should be a good game.)

New England* @ Indianapolis (-10 ½) (The Pats have the Colts number, and I don't know if this is the week Manning turns it around.)

Pittsburgh* @ Tampa Bay (-5 ½) (I'll take the points in a low scoring game.)

Denver* (NL) @ San Diego (I expect the Broncos to rebound big.)

Green Bay* (-3) @ Minnesota (Vikes could put up points at home, but Favre is back in the groove.)

Philadelphia @ NY Giants* (-3) (The G-Men have Philly's number and I like them to win big.)

Last week, my picks weren't good. The Colts are killing me, and why did I pick against Favre? This week, I like the Rams and the Steelers, while my pick of the week is the Giants on Monday Night.

As for the baseball playoffs, I may have picked it right with Arizona and the Yankees. The Braves are going to have face Johnson and Schilling each twice, win one of those, while winning all the others. Tough task. In the AL, like I said, just take the Yanks, and like I said about keeping Jeter as my shortstop because you'll see come playoff time. Well, he turned the A's series around, and is just so clutch in the postseason. I hope the LCS's are good, because it was great to see three game 5's.

Well, go Tigers, and I'll see you again next week.

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