A Brooks Foster Update

Boiling Springs wide out Brooks Foster is an athlete that has been moving up the recruiting board of several schools around the southeast, including Clemson. We caught up with the two-sport star after practice this week to speak with him about recruiting and the big game this weekend.

WR Brooks Foster
6-1, 186, 4.5
Boiling Springs High School
Boiling Springs, South Carolina

How has practice been for you this week?
Brooks Foster: It's pretty hard. I'm real sore right now. I'm not really use to this. I'm going to get in the swing of it.

It looked like you got hit pretty hard on one play. Tell us about that.
Brooks Foster: Yeah, I got smacked one time. We ran that play where I kept going across the middle of the field. We kept running it a lot. They were looking for it. I got hit in the chin a little bit but I'm okay.

Do you have a leader at this time?
Brooks Foster: No, I still have the same offers. I'm still looking.

Can you update us on your official visits?
Brooks Foster: I'm going to North Carolina in January. I already took Maryland last week and Kentucky early on. I'm going to Clemson on January 16. I'm not sure if I'll take another.

Will you be able to play both basketball and football if you select Clemson?
Brooks Foster: The new coach said he would probably like me and that I would fit in well with them.

What did you think about your visit to the hospital on Sunday?
Brooks Foster: It kind of touches your heart that you are playing for a cause like that. You never know. It makes you appreciate your limbs. They didn't have legs, arms. It makes you feel fortunate.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding receiver from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004.

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